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Robots For Military

Zionist Israeli military now are developing a robot armed and could help combat forces of Israel.  Even the robot is expected to speak in Arabic to negotiate with armed men and carry out a suicide action, if necessary.  In addition, the robot is expected to deliver real-time picture of the battle directly and immediately, without having to enter the military personnel to explore the location of the battle.
Like the Zionist Israeli army radio reported on Sunday (28 / 3), the Israeli Army is planning to give the robot "Harbutim" to every regiment in combat.  This robot is equipped with M16 rifle-sized machine guns, and can do more to provide intelligence information to the Israeli military.
In a related context, the Israeli military is now developing a mechanical device called a "Mashgichon", equipped with cameras and sensors, to replace soldiers in custody operations and help security forces to find out what is happening outside the building.

One third of the Robot Army
American newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" revealed earlier, to avoid human losses incurred in a variety of conflict, Israel has developed a mechanical robot fighter fleet which operate automatically in the air, sea and land.  Experts estimate that one third of Israeli occupation military forces of the robot in 10 to 15 years.
As quoted by IOL, from The Wall Street Jyurnal, said, "The inability to bear the losses in the conflict for more than sixty years of war and the development of sophisticated technology has made Israel as one of the leading countries in the world created a military robot."
Head of Technology Department of the Israel Air Force Berebe Erwin said, "We're trying to create a tool that works automatically in all locations battlefield, as an alternative to human troops.  It will enable to perform more tasks without endangering the lives of every soldier. "
Era Robot
Vice President of the company of sophisticated defense systems of Israel "Rafael", Giora Katz, expected within 10 - 15 years a third of Israel's military forces is a robot.  "Within 10-15 years a third of Israeli military forces will consist of the robot.  We are moving towards the era of robots, "he told the Wall Street Journal.
According to the Wall Street Journal more than 40 countries rely on the use of military robots.  So the United States and many countries use unmanned aircraft, even Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon has launched four unmanned aircraft made in Iran during the 2006 summer war with Israel.
In the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the United States using a number of aircraft as well as currently used in the attack in tribal region in Pakistan.  America currently has about seven thousand vending machines that operate in the air and more than 12 thousand on the mainland to carry out reconnaissance missions and air strikes. Last year the American air forces for the first time to train pilots for unmanned aircraft that amount more than the pilots of the human element necessary for jet fighters and bombers.

Israel Technology

Former United States military officials, Thomas Tate, attribute the benefits of Israel in Japan and the United States in programs like that to move quickly in the development and deployment of these tools to meet the needs of the field.
Among the modern technologies that put Israel at the top, is the vehicle "Jawardiom" land (a kind of boat sand), which can control yourself, along the border with the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.
Israel menenmpatkan these vehicles on the northern border with Lebanon to prevent Hezbollah infiltration into Israel, after the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers in 2006.  Israel has previously expressed using bulldozers that move automatically over the last aggression in Gaza a year ago that occurred during between 20 December 2008 to January 18, 2009.
Israel's engineers estimate there will be placement of vehicles that are controlled via voice, walk with 6 wheels and capable of carrying about 250 kilograms of equipment.  Israel has developed a fast boats armed named "Protector SP", which runs automatically after the attacks on Israel off the coast of Gaza in 2002.  This fast boat to play an important role in the Israeli Marines today.  Israel also has developed a sophisticated aircraft after Syrian patriot missiles in Lebanon makes it suffered a landslide loss, with the loss of Israeli fighter jets.  Military analysts say that new technology may have an impact in the war strategy based on the character of the conflict experienced by Israel with its enemies like Hezbollah and Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).
Israel itself has done a massive arms purchases in 2009 and other locally produced weapons.  For that Israel allocate a budget that is described as "the largest in the history of Israel"; as the approximate value of 319 billion shekels (about $ 15 billion), an increase of 12.5 billion shekels from the year 2008.

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