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Stock up when End Bad Love

Inevitably, it is very painful breakup. However, it would be oppressive at the time when the heart still holds deep feelings, you should see the memories with former lover stored in sites up or even when looking at updating the status of former spouse.
Before the breakup facebook whether the feeling was as painful as it is today? benefit you or harm?
Here's the answer:

1. Change status
When starting a new relationship with someone, you will be happy to change your status from 'single' to 'in a relationship with'. However, this would be different if you had just separated from your spouse, would be very hard to change it back to 'single'.
It would be tortured again when the change of status was questioned a lot of people who become your friends. You will feel very depressed if you have to answer all the questions your friends.
If you want to avoid all sorts of questions about changes to this status, you can hide relationship status, then replace it with a 'single'. Change your status will not be published in your friend's newsfeed so you do not have to answer the questions that want to avoid.

2. De-tagging
It depends how big the hurt caused by separation. You probably are too hurt, so decided to remove the tag or even images from your account.
Maybe this will help because you no longer can read people's comments about the photograph or see the intimacy you and your ex-spouse in the photo.

3. Vent on the status
While feeling uncertain, you will find an escape to soothe the liver. Sometimes the facilities in these social networking websites such as status updates to be hurt the most potent drug.
However, you never think that what is felt to be poured into a boomerang for you and worsen your relationship with the former.
So you do not getting tortured, you should try to forget the former. What do you do when deciding to split up had nothing to do again with ex-lover. Do not just because of fear of damaging relations with them, you must be drowning in loneliness and false breakout, and afraid to devote what you feel.
Because that's what up, you are free to express, write all the opinions that exist in your mind, and get feedback from your friends. You will not feel lonely even your relationships with friends would be even more tightly.
However, all still there are limitations. You do not want a woman branded as cheap as cursing people with abusive language on the status of your updates. Pour what you feel and there you dipikiran using polite language.

4. Deciding friendship on facebook
Stop always see the account up ex. Seeing him will only make you more heartache, especially if the things he wrote about his new life with another woman.
If not able, and always end up on their profile pages, you should delete it from your friends list. After all, this does not mean delete friendships in the real world. All this is done on the basis of your desire to forget the wounds of the past and try to open yourself to your future
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