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Tips Use a vise No Damage To Hair
Hair straightener tool or clamp is an alternative to hair quickly.  But you have to be careful using it.  Do not get damaged and dry hair because the use of less precise.

If you use a vise every day, make sure your hair is always unkempt.  Hair straightener tool delivers heat in a very high temperature.  If applied to the hair continuously without intensive care, hair can be brittle, and broken branches.

To prevent damaged hair due to frequent dicatok, do not mencatok hair when wet.  After washing hair, dry hair, wait until just beginning to mencatoknya.

Apply a protective serum, lotion or cream hair moisturizer before mencatok (can be purchased at the salon or beauty shop).  Separate hair into sections and clamp the hair bit by bit, starting from the root.

Katupkan clamp tool and launch slowly from root to tip of hair.  Do not clamp on one part of hair repeatedly, lempengannya friction can damage the hair cuticle.  To get the perfect result catokan, hold the tool clamp on each section of hair for six seconds.

In addition to hair care, you also have to take care of vise tool for durability.  Do not put catokan in damp places such as bathrooms, for example.  Steam will damage the circuit electronics.  Clean tools after use to clamp your wet towel on ceramic plates.
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