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Weird Facts On Windows

1.  Try to open Notepad.  Then try to type in "Bush hid the facts" then save and exit.  After that, you reopen the file and what you type does not appear ..


'Bush hid the facts': This is actually related to "generate" its own notepad ..  (Ie "ANSI")

The same thing happens if we write any sentence with a 4-3-3-5 pattern, like 'this fire cans break', 'this paint cans split', 'jane cans not dance', 'I ama her friends' will  experienced the same with that mentioned above.

This happens because before opening the file, Notepad try to detect encoding used.  It turns out this detection process got an error if the file in question contains a sentence with a 4-3-3-5 pattern characters.  As a result, files that are stored in ANSI encoding is opened in UTF-16 encoding.

The existence of this actually proves there is still a gap, which is difficult to repair.  And with a statement like this, we can be a powerful provocateur to drop Microsoft who failed to improve the programs 'simple' notepad.  Steady

So this is clearly an error.  Not a conspiracy like many opinions circulating ... hahaha

But this error does not apply to the windows of the old type ... trying to do similar things in Windows 95

Oh yes, this is not true for 4-3-3-5 pattern using numerical, eg 1234 123 123 1234 5 or 0000 000 000 0000 0
2.  Nothing one can create a folder named "Con" - Try to make it anywhere on your hard disk, a folder with the name "Con" (without the quotes).

Just click on any place new sub-menu folder.  Then you try namain folder with the name "Con".  you will realize that the folder will not be named "Con", but "New Folder" ..


This anomaly was first discovered as an Indian, he discovered that no one can make a FOLDER on the computer with any Microsoft program with the title of the folder "CON".  This is the real thing and the whole crew Microsoft could not answer why this happened.  Try to create a folder named CON or con.

Open the My Document -> File -> New -> Folder -> type or Con CON or con

What happened?

Actually crew Microsoft can explain this.  As this relates to the ancient numerical system (DOS system).  Try the following names:




* LPT1

* COM1

* Potential drive letter, such as A: to Z:

* Try to find other things related to its numerical system DOS

Clearly, if the DOS is the foundation of the Windows operating system, so by default to avoid naming system by using the words above, this also applies not only to folders, but also for naming files, try jajal rename the file (eg) contoh.doc be  PRN or prn, then enter.  The same thing was bound to happen.

Since this only applies for derivatives DOS OS, so the OS other than that (like his thing LINUX) it will not apply.

3.  Type in MS Word: "= rand (200.99)" (without the quotes) and see the magic ..


The interesting thing is, really weird.  Even Bill Gates could not answer why this happened.  This was actually discovered by a Brazilian.  May try,

*) Open Microsoft Word and type: = rand (200, 99)

**) And then press ENTER

What do my friends find?  Interesting is not it?  Please at trial.

Actually this is the default system, and indeed one of the functions that exist in the word, its use is to make a quick sample text (such as "Lorem ipsum" as used by activist web), see examples below:

= Rand (1) -> enter five sentences in one paragraph

= Rand (1,1) -> insert one sentence in one paragraph

= Rand (1,2) -> insert two sentences in one paragraph

= Rand (2) -> enter five sentences in two paragraphs

= Rand (2,1) -> insert a sentence in two paragraphs

= Rand (10) -> enter a five-sentence in paragraph ten

= Rand (10.1) -> insert one sentence in paragraph ten

= Rand (10.10) -> put in ten sentences in paragraph ten

To look in a paragraph with a standard sign (Â ¶) in a Word document, do one of the following:

-On the Standard toolbar, click Show / Hide (Â ¶).

-On the Tools menu, click Options.  Then click the View tab, click the check box "All" in the Formatting Marks section, and then click OK

As for "the lazy fox" (The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog) was to test the font.  if unusual design in corel, neither the like must know.  Or take a look in Control Panel -> Fonts, then try to double click on one font file (. Ttf) that were there.  Just not?

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