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10 Best Female Warrior of all Time

The soldier is something that is very synonymous with men, something that is very synonymous with fighting skills that are usually only held by men. But that does not mean there are no female soldiers, female soldiers Stay there in the world, even some of them there are even more superior and better than male soldiers.

Here is a list of 10 best female soldiers in the world throughout recorded history in the world of both the royal army and the state:

1. Joan of Arc

It may be said that Joan of Arc is the symbol of the French knight, whose name was he pushed a woman soldier in the military world. She is a woman who fought directly with British troops in order to get back to French soil. He is much memenagi battle with French troops before he was finally caught and sentenced to death in June 1456. but he is still regarded as a holy woman at a time hero of the most influential woman in the country of France.

2. Jamila

Jamila who has the full name Djamila Bouhired bwanita This is a most famous fighter in the world. He is the Algerian national fighters. Together with other Algerian students, he joined the National Front for the liberation of Algeria. perjuanganya against French occupation in Algeria not only through diplomacy, he was also active in track shootout with French troops.

3. Margaret Corbin

Margaret Corbin was the woman who fought directly in the American Revolutionary War. At first he was an ordinary woman, but her wedding with John Corbin in 1772 which made him a warrior must engage in battle. They both struggled with hundreds of people struggling against British troops, particularly at Fort Washington on Manhattan.

4. Cordelia E. Cook

Cordelia E. Cook served as the Army Nurse Corps during World War II and stands as the first woman to receive two awards for his actions during the war: the Bronze Star and Purple Hearts. Cook stationed in Italy and managed to perform his duties as a nurse during the time the battle is difficult and a herd of wounded and dying soldiers. He was in direct combat when on duty caring for the wounded victims.

5. Elsie S. Ott

He is the American soldier who served as nurses aviator. Although he never get a formal education in the medical world aviation, but in fact he was successfully treated many troops the United States aviator. He also received medals the United States because of medical aviation active role in World War 2.

6. Oveta Culp Hobby

Hobby was the first woman in the unity of the army who received the U.S. Army Distinguished Service medal, the medal of honor is only given to American soldiers the best union. At first he only served in the editor, but because kegemilanganya, he then managed to occupy important positions in the United States military, and soon after he got the medal kehormatanya in 1945, he was later promoted to the rank of colonel.

7. Loretta Walsh

Loretta was the first woman enrolled in the unity of the United States Navy in World War 1. Women born 22 April 1896 This is one of the naval battle strategist who took part in the battle against the Germans in front Psifik, kegemilanganya in applying the sea battle strategies to make Germany must lose 5 ship combat.

8. Opha M. Johnson

Maybe Johnsonlah first woman in the unity of Marine Corps United States Navy in the war directly with the Japanese army. while other women only get a job as a cook and wash interpreter marines, he would get a job as a regulator of marine assault force marines United States Marine in World War 2.

9. Cut Nyak Dhien

Acehnese woman who was born in 1848 this is one of the best female soldier who once owned by the State of Aceh and Indonesia. He along with her husband, Teuku Umar fought alongside other people of Aceh to expel the Dutch population of the ground in Aceh. He was always persistent in the word proclaimed freedom for the people of Aceh. Even in old age, he continues to struggle with the Dutch, although only with blazing spirit.

10. Mary E. Walker

Mary Walker was the first woman and only one in the entire military force has ever received Congressional Medals of Honor for actions and duties during the Civil War. Although he did not start in the military, Walker is known to promote women's rights and dress reform. Before the Civil War broke out, Walker was the only female in her class graduated with a medical degree from Syracuse Medical College. Immediately after getting a degree, the war broke out and Walker volunteered to join the Army as a medical officer
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