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10 Best Games of All Time

Football game to be one's favorite game since created and a resume into ten best games throughout the mass.

1. Championship Manager (1997/98 version)
After 12 years of its release, Championship Manager is still known as one of the best games. Even for the issue of CM 1997/98, the game is one of the most sought after and played until now because of the ease and user friendly.

2. Sensible Soccer
The most popular game in early 1990. Reportedly, the game is also one of the birthday of the most awaited by teenagers in Europe. Graph is also fairly good and realistic enough, either in the application of rules, actions on the ground and a few other things.

3. Pro Evolution Soccer
This Konami-made game is still one of the current favorite. Graphics and gameplay was increased from time to time and spoiling their users. This game also has a number of versions, including Winning Eleven for the Japanese version.

4. Football Manager
One of the best football management game and a favorite in the era of 1992 to 2004. But in the last five years, Football Manager is just an ordinary management game.

5. International Superstar Soccer
No football game is best compared to the ISS in the late 1990s. Even farther behind the FIFA game. Action one-two, bait and dribbling remarkable breakthrough could be raised each time.

6. FIFA International Soccer
So towering prominence in 1993, but then declined sharply, despite improved gameplay and graphics quality from year to year.

7. Virtua Striker
Where you can get this game? Usually, many appear in the center of the game in the form of game boxes that are often called Ding-Dong and the capital special coins, you can play it. Nothing can be adopted by both the PC version, but make nagih on consoles version arcades.

8. Striker
If you have the Amiga in the early 1990s, you may be one devotee of this game. This game has adopted the style of the English Premier League is fast. Uniquely, the appearance of Diego Maradona was then only mediocre, though in the real world, Argentina was living legend in his prime.

9. Download Manager
Before the existence of Championship Manager, this game is the best management game. You also can play on your team at once to handle it.

10. Micropose Soccer
Not many know this game, but for those of a teenager in 1989, the game is one of the favorite subjects. Although the graphics and gameplay is very simple, but in those days, it became the most popular games.

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