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10 Motorcycle While 100 Years Ago

1. NSU 1901

The first NSU motorcycle slid from the sewing machine factory that turns into a motorcycle factory, in 1901. NSW Neckarsulm plant in Germany. 1901 model used a motor made by a company called Swiss Zedal. 234 cc engines that power 1.75 horsepower, and has a top speed of 48 km / h, or 31 mph. Having a type of bicycle frame, which makes sense because it was made in a factory bike. In bike mode, it has a chain and freewheel, and a bicycle brake on front wheels. NSR continued to make motorcycles, sidecars for the German army in World War II

2. Harley Davidson 1907

In 1907 William A. Davidsonbersaudar brothers, Arthur and Walter Davidson, quit his job as tool foreman for the Milwaukee Road railroad and joined the Motor Company.

The only model Harley-Davidson motorcycles are offered in 1907 is the Model 3, 26.8 cubic inch (439.9cc) F-head single-cylinder motorcycles. There is experimental V-Twin engine featuring automatic suction inlet valve but mechanical problems kept from that put into production. Harley models priced for $ 210, and Harley made about 150 pieces to be sold that year.

3. Yale 1912

Specifications: 473 cc single cylinder. Yale motorcycle started life as 'California', commissioned by the California Motor Company of San Francisco around 1901 and, despite its name, is not associated with Ivy League universities. In October 1903, the Consolidated Manufacturing Company of California obtained the right motor. They move the tooling lock, stock and barrel cylinder to Toledo, Ohio, and change the name of the bike to Yale. The new product they got a huge boost when in the same year benchmark in the history Motorcycles up 90 cc of California successfully piloted by George Wyman.

4. Scott 1905

A talented engineer, Alfred Scott is pioneering the development of two-stroke engines and after some experimentation with one engine mounted on a bicycle Premier, Scott designed and patented motor vertical twin two stroke engines in 1904 and developed a complete motorcycle of 450 cc two initial displays no twin cylinder engine mounted on triangulated frame. Innovative features include two-speed transmission chain in which the ratio of alternative chosen by the grip is operated by rocking the foot and the pedal kick.

5. Daimler 1885

There is some controversy over who built the first motorcycle Otto or Daimler. In 1883, Gottlieb Daimler who breath life into the first machine, high speed with the engine bensin.Bekerja together with his friend, Wilhelm Maybach and close associates.

6. BMW R32 1923

In 1923, BMW introduced its new product, the BMW R32 which has a capacity of 494 cc engine which produces 8.5 PS at 3200 rpm. This 5:1 berkompresi machines capable of carrying motor weighing 122 kg full tank is up to 95-100 km / hr. Biker R32 can travel quite a distance away, because the R32 is equipped with fuel tank capacity of 14 liters. To travel a distance of 100 km

7. Hildebrand & wolfmuller 1894

Displaying motorbike with a water-cooled engine (the radiator is very prominent above and around the rear wheel) that is designed tubular frame. Rear wheel is directly connected from the trunk link (a similar arrangement with steam locomotives). There is no flywheel in addition to the rear wheels, and need heavy rubber band to give a boost again.
The Hildebrand & Wolfmüller patented on January 20, 1894, with 1489 cc engine (90.9 cu in) two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, with bore and stroke 90 mm x 117 mm (3.5 in. × 4.6 in.). It produced 1.9 kW (2.5 bhp) @ 240 rpm to promote weight 50 kg (110 lb) up to a maximum speed of 45 km / h (28 mph)

8. Indian 402 1930

with 4-cylinder, multi-speed transmission, dual brakes and has a v-twin engine.

9. Bohmerland 1927

Albin ebisch designing this machine is not conventional, mostly all are equally 598cc two-stroke OHV single-engine was built in 1938 just before the cease production after the war. With features such unusual cast alloy and, in some models, three chairs and two fuel tanks, powerful features embedded in the history of Motorcycles.

10. The Flying Merkel Model V 1911

Country of origin United States
Engine 980 c.c. / 61, 4-stroke
Muffler Inlet on
A transmission speed Horsepower
Weight 111 kg. / 250 lbs.
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