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13 Ways Safe affair

Love Tips will discuss how to secure an affair, tips on not getting caught cheating boyfriend, cheating how safe? want to know? Continue reading about cheating deh! Hari gini not cheating? Not a trend, this time! Aja deh honest, quiet, good guy or a girl has affair lho! many reasons why they have disclosed a distinguished affair, ranging from sensation who want to look for fun, want to find and different or just ngikuti trend. Wow! Let ngelaba you're safe, fugitive contekannya see ya ...

1. Do not enter his name into the HP Once you have an affair, he hapalin deh telf number who could be contacted.

2. Remove immediately ² sms from him soon receive an sms from him, immediately delete it, really if nnggak immediate danger is removed, if a girlfriend one day open the HP can be annoying tuh!

3. If longer accept telephone, do not panic, ordinary aja! So can telephone from him, especially when we're both the same boyfriend, do not panic, usually wrote. If necessary do not leave or move from him. Can suspect you know!

4. Honest to the affair if we've got a boyfriend It's the first thing we should do, so he would not have demanded we macem ². If he do not want to accept our situation is already the single guns, then he do not want to be our affair.

5. Do affair at which she knows well is necessary, the article if it turns out girlfriends and mistresses never know, our affair must have its own expense, ² he could feel guilty because had stolen her boyfriend.

6. Got more than one SIM CARD
While the prime card expensive guns, guns hurt you have more than one number. If necessary HP also two, which one specifically for the boyfriend who the other one for a special affair.

"Upss but for the cheating partner do not want ya I love suggestions panties anti cheating! For your partner, at the click of yah!"

7. Do not be too familiar with his family is not what ² if you are familiar with family and friends, guns rule ato sodaranya friends knew him as a boyfriend horse's mouth, if diaduin can disperse khan?

8. The first priority remains a girlfriend you know! Let me have the affair, which remains the main girlfriend you know, do not reply until you first relationship and longer dispersed karna affair, especially if the affair just to have fun aja.

9. do not hangout in the same place ya It's important, not what ², who know it, the waiter ato parking there recognize us, then if one day he saw us there with people and different, could be a multitude of questions tuh!

10. Love the code to him so we want to close with a girlfriend, well soon sms sms ato affair for guns guns ² telephone us, so we must be confused and guns he had guns also understand why we can not answer telephone and smsnya.

11. Got a call the same dear if you want to call has an affection to a girlfriend and wanted to call the love affair with the call as well, it's good to call it equated, so you will be stiff and guns guns would be wrong to mention.

12. Do not naruh photos on HP Yg ² affair certainly get caught if the same boyfriend, this could be evidence of infidelity you authentic. So, do occasionally keep a photo in HP deh affair, especially if you often put HP in any place.

13. Do not change the attitude to a boyfriend If you guns usually romantic, do not arrive ² ye so romantic you know, he can suspect why you are changing attitudes. He would have guessed if you do because you have one sweet.
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