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5 Historic People who are very Difficult to Kill

1. Grigori Rasputin

Rasputin was an astrologer who lived with Tsar Nicholas II in Russia, in the early 20th century. The Tsar (Russian titles for the king) believe that Rasputin could treat their children affected by hemophilia named Alexei, so they told him to stay in the castle with the Tsar himself.

However, Rasputin has a character that is not so good. He is a usurer and also a heavy drinker, and often accept bribes from people who need help. Rasputin lifestyle makes it ultimately is less favored by the royal family.

How He Finally Died
Rasputin was stabbed by an assassin in 1914. However, he remains alive. After recovery, people who do not like him trying to kill him again with the poisoned wine and cakes. However, Rasputin continues to live, somehow.

Because Rasputin continues to live, they tried to kill him, this time by shooting his head. Rasputin, fell on the ground, but actually he only pretended to be dead.

After happy to see "dead", the "killer" of his leaving the room. Funny thing, forgot to bring a jacket. When he returned to retrieve it, Rasputin rose from the ground and yelled and started to strangle him.

Those people back into the room, shot him again three times in the head, knocking him to the floor. But ... yes ... he's not dead. He again got up and beaten until they fell unconscious.

They wrapped the bodies with sheets and menceburkannya Rasputin into the Neva River is very cold. When they found him later, the sheets stained with blood and his body full of bullet wounds, his stomach full of poison, and many bruises because he was beaten, Rasputin was reported dead from the cold.

2. Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer. He was the first person to successfully circumnavigate the world, and the first European to step on the Philippines. Magellan agreed to kill someone named Lapu-Lapu, the enemy of the two kings Philippines.

How He Finally Dead
Magellan finally landed on the island of Lapu-Lapu called Mactan. Lapu-Lapu know they will come, because it turned out an army was ready waiting for them.

Magellan was shot with poisoned bullets when he set foot in Mactan. However, he still ran to the front, behind which a ship full of soldiers of Magellan.

He then stabbed in the face with a bamboo spear and sword arm dropped out due to hit the enemy. Before long, her feet following the arm. He finally fell fell to the ground, helpless.

Lapu-Lapu Army continuously membacoknya and hit him, but Magellan continues to live and yelled at his men to return to the ship and fled. Under the rain stab and blow from the enemy army, Magellan saw his men fled back toward safety. It was not until he was dead.

3. Gabriel Garcia Moreno

Gabriel Garcia Moreno is the president of Ecuador in the 19th century. He is a devout Catholic and found the Conservative Party of Ecuador.

Moreno stated that the country's official religion is Catholic, and requires anyone who wants to seek political office must be a Catholic. This law was opposed by many people, which eventually led to her attempted murder.

How He Finally Died
The next day, Moreno was walking out of the church in Quito. He was suddenly attacked by a group of assailants with axes, towards the neck, skull and brain, and then decided his left arm and his right hand.

Moreno still standing back. The assailant shot him six times in the chest. He then attacked again with a sword no less more than 14 times. Even after that, Moreno still managed to write "God is not dead" on the ground with his own blood.

After the assailant left, the pastor of the church brought into the church, where she eventually lived for 15 minutes to go and die.

4. Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky was the right hand of the Bolshevik leaders in Russia, Lenin. After Lenin meningggal, loyalty must move to Stalin. However, Stalin even mengeluarkanya from Russian Communist Party and mengasingkannya from Russia. Want to look back, Trotsky Stalin's attempt to throw into prison by ratting to the United States Congress.

How He Finally Dead
Trotsky was not given entry into the United States by the Immigration. Eventually, he moved to Mexico City, where he attempted assassin was killed by Stalin named Ramon Mercader.

Mercader membacoknya in the head with an ax. However, Trotsky rose from his seat, spit Mercader, and chase the killers and wrestle with him, with an ax in his head.

The bodyguard of Trotsky finally came into the room, killed Mercader, Trotsky and brought to the hospital. He died of complications from the disease in the head several days later.

5. Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was a criminal from Australia who live in the 19th century. He was responsible for two bank robberies and the murder of three policemen. Remarkably, he killed three police officers after running away from catching the police that he had killed.

How He Finally Dead
Ned Kelly and his gang eventually kidnapped about 70 people hostage from the Glenrowan Inn when they know that a train full of police were chasing them. Ned Kelly was also trying to bring down the train in the middle of the road, which eventually failed.

The criminal was then put armor (armor =) their own creation. Kelly out of the Glenrowan Inn, opened fire on police who shot at him. The police bullet terpantulkan by Kelly's armor, but her thighs are not protected to the point of weakness.

Kelly finally gave up because too many injuries in his leg. All members of the gang died, but Kelly's life and brought to justice. He was sentenced to death, and his last words before leaving the court was "I'll meet you when you come."

Two weeks later, the judge who gave the death penalty against Kelly died of a heart attack.
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