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7 Gadgets World's Most Sophisticated Year 2011

Advances in technology continue to grow rapidly and produce advanced tools. Even that was formerly only dreams and fantasies can now come true and become reality! This is a small part of sophisticated technology in the world today.

1. Quantum Teleporter

Q-teleportation has been successful on smaller objects based on research that has been done. "We can do ekesperimen quantum teleportation for the first time outside the university lab," says Rupert Ursin, a researcher if the Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Vienna, Austria. At Q-teleportation, quantum on the object was destroyed and created again. Therefore, the Q-teleportation can not animate or inanimate objects move as a whole physical. This tool is to "create" a replica of the previous object at the position in other places and objects previously would "disappear" during the replicas were created.

2. 360 º 3-D Holographic Displays

ZCam ™ is a video camera that can record information up to the part object (which is used to create 3D models), video, and then manufactured by 3DV Systems. This technology is based on the principle of "Time of Flight". In this technique, the size of 3D data obtained by sending an infrared wave into a video scene and detecting light reflected by the surface of the object in the video scene. By using the variables of time taken by the infrared waves to reach the target object and time again, the distance can be calculated and then used to create 3D information of all objects in the scene.

3. Lightsaber (Laser Sword)

What we know, this sword is the result of a "work: the films of science fiction! Lightsaber made of metal and a plasma sword over 1 meter. This lightsaber can cut the object without the slightest resistance. Can leave burns on human skin. But this sword could ditangkis, but with the sword lightsaber too, can also ditangkis with a shield.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack, also includes a tool that we find in many science fiction films, which means it uses a jet of gas release (can also water) and then "fly" users. TAM was the first company and only one in the world that produces a complete package of costumes designed by Rocket Belt also uses advanced materials and aerospace with a special refining machine to produce jet fuel Hydrogen Peroxide you.

5. Military exoskeleton prototype

Military exoskeleton is a kind of outer frame mounted on a hydraulic-powered military and can lift up to 100 kg object for long periods of time and may he surround an area as well. A flexible design allows the user to crouch, move slowly and "lifted" upward. There is no joystick or other control mechanism. Control using human senses.

6. Flying Car

"Cars fly" is called "The Highway in the Sky". If every time agan stuck in traffic, then using the flying car could spin it agan and swooped in the sky in order to reach the destination quickly.

7. Flying Saucer

This is a model of an unmanned air vehicle with a cup (like a UFO uy) made by a company in England called Æsir.
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