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7 The most unique & Weird in the World

Earth where we live has many wonderful places, both its uniqueness, weirdness, all of which challenge the profit disibak.
Here are 10 places unique and strange from around the world:

1. Guaíra Falls, Brazil-Paraguay border

Most people think Niagara Falls is the largest in the world. In fact Guaira Falls is the largest in the world by volume waterfall that reaches an average of 1.75 million cubic feet per-second. Compare with the Niagara Falls which is only 70,000 cubic feet per-second. Source Guaira Falls, located in perbatasasn Brazil-Paraguay, is the river Parana. In 1982, the water ternjun Guaira was built dams for power generation with the name of Itaipu Dam which is now the second largest dam in the world's largest electricity producer after Gorges Dam. Itaipu Dam supplies 90 percent of electricity to Paraguay, and 19 percent to Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

2. Iceberg B-15, Antarctica

B-15 iceberg was the largest iceberg in recorded history. The wide reach 3100 km, making it larger than the island of Jamaica. Giant iceberg is due to fault Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000. Then in 2003, iceberg B-15 was again split into several pieces, one of the largest is called B-15a drifting north, eventually crushed into the glacier in 2005, leaving a fault along the 8 km. This makes a big change in the map of Antarctica and demand must be revised (map).
Some washed up along the coast eventually foundered. In 2006, hurricanes in Alaska, menyebbakan ocean waves that pass up to 13,500 km for 6 days to Antarctica, and separating the fragments remaining fraction became more and more. Nearly a decade passed, the parts of the iceberg was still not fully liquid, the biggest part still considered sebagaii B-15a, with the vast field reached 1700 km. The picture above is an iceberg called B-15a after drifting into the Drygalski Glacier (bottom), his final break it into several pieces.

3. Don Juan Pond, Antarctica

Which places the highest salt content? Surely people would call the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is world famous for its salt content is very high. Based on research, high salt content of sea water could be a medical therapy. No wonder that in many built near the Dead Sea spas for therapy, particularly health and beauty therapy. But it was not the terasin Dead Sea in the world. Precisely in the Antarctic is, exactly Don Juan Pond, a lake with the highest salt content in the world.

The comparison when juxtaposed with the sea in general, Don Juan Pond 18 times saltier than normal seawater, when compared with the Dead Sea, the Don Juan Pond 8 times more salty. Nah!

This location was discovered by Lt. Don Roe and Lt. John Hickey, in 1961, when they do research in Antarctica. The name of Don Juan Pond is also given by two researchers of this army, perhaps combining both names. The temperature in the pond-like most in the Antarctic region, is quite low, with lows can reach -30 degrees Celsius. But never until frozen like other places in Antarctica.

4. Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is a seaside town south of the lake with the same name. Precisely at bay Plenty, north island of New Zealand. The uniqueness of the region is the number of pools of hot springs, especially Pohutu Geyser at Whakarewarewa, and mud boiling mud. The area was a unique and interesting, so much visited by tourists.

5. 83-42, Greenland

Strange and unique. But 83-42 is the only reliable pieces of land in the north. It's just 'a piece' in size about 35 mx 15 m and height 4 m. When viewed from above, like just a speck of land surrounded by broken pieces of ice. Unique! When the north pole is covered by ice, but the land is not. See picture! The uniqueness is once again toppled the previous record yaknu ATOW 1996. The uniqueness of 83-42 was found in 1998.
6. Socotra, Republic of Yemen

Socotra place oddest and most unique in the world. Almost all who were there seem strange, from the shape of a tree and its environment, it's no wonder many are calling Socotra in the Republic of Yemen as one of the alien nest in the world. The place is very isolated, dry climates other than the other. This anomaly could be the cause of plant life or anything on there grew strange. Call it a well-known plants such as the Dragon's Blood Tree is strange, very unusual shape, looks like paying. This tree produces red sap. There also exist animals native animals, such as birds, spiders and other native animals. Not to mention also coral rocks, which form is not common and there on the island. With all the strangeness content of the island, do not be surprised if Socotra, an island at sea arab, entry in the World Heritage Heritage.

7. The Great Dune of Pyla, France

All we know that Europe has no deserts, dunes, at best, only the ordinary. But this assumption is wrong. Europe has a unique dune Pyla ie, the length of 3 km, width 500 m and height of 100 meters. These dunes are very steep part facing the forest. This place is famous for being the place of paragliding activity. Besides the uniqueness of the dunes, which was also amazing was the surrounding scenery from the heights where we could see the ocean and forest. Because the dunes are much higher than the forest, so that the sand dunes that we could see everything.
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