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7 Treatment Almalbis World

These days everyone is more concerned with technology, especially in matters of treatment..  when there are many traditional ways of treatment with no doubt to cure an illness..  low cost..  recover again..  mantep right.  Here is a glimpse of traditional healing with a unique and strange.. 

1.  Treatment of AIDS in South Africa: Sex with a Virgin

A survey found more than 1 / 3 the people believe in the treatment of this unique ancient.  Yep..  having sex with a virgin, which is believed capable of cleaning germs in the body causes AIDS.  This myth appears in South Africa is a country with the highest levels of sexual violence.

2.  Old English Treatment for Malaria: Web of Spiders

A few decades ago when a malaria epidemic spreading quickly in many parts of the world, many medications used to treat this disease.  One of the most unique drug tablet when it is made of netting rolls laba2.  Evidence of the efficacy of this tablet is already faded a few centuries ago, but now it has developed a type of drug made from a spider that is still alive.

3.  Ancient Egyptian Medicine for Eye Infection: Blood Bat

Ancient Egyptian society has experienced tough times when plague of blindness attacked the area, because the bulk of the sun is high and compounded by a desert storm.  To address this problem, doctors at the time of ancient Egypt using a bat that dripped blood in the eyes of his patients.  They think that the bats have sharp views so that the drug they use on their patients.

4.  Stomach Pain Drug from Chinese: Monkey Bile

Bile monkey is a treatment that has long been used in Chinese society.  Not just for eye disease, this drug is used also as an ingredient of anti upset stomach.  While the blood of the monkeys are used for strong medicine.  In Indonesia there was still wearing an ape as a drug.  They used the monkey brain as a cure impotence disease.

5.  Anti-Aging: Beer Bath

In the city Chodova Plana, Czechs Republic, there is a "beer health center" which is the first and only one in the world.  There they offer a treatment by means of a bath of warm water mixed with mineral water and beer.  This therapy is believed to be able to prevent from aging especially for women.  Hmm...

6.  Medicines Sore Throat: Dirt Dog

"Album graecum" is the term for dog shit that has been bleached ato hyenas since arriving in the open air.  Antiquity of this dog feces are used for traditional medicine and is usually mixed with honey.  Dog feces plus honey mixture is able to clear the throat so that was believed capable of treating inflammation of the throat.

7.  Impotence drug from Peru: Beetle Juice

Often called the Viagra of Peru.  It is suitable for their impotence sufferers.  Market demand for the products 'Extracto de shutter' (Frog juice) is very high in the city of Lima, Peru.  In addition to impotence, the juice is also capable of treating other diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.  But there is one ingredient that turned out to increase the efficacy of this juice is Maca, a plant form as a powerful drug originated from South America.
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