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Efficient Password Manager: Place the Password Keeper

For some people who have multiple accounts, be it emails or membership in social networks, may have difficulty remembering passwords of each account. Usually, they outsmart with a note on a piece of paper or store them on the computer. However, this way is not safe because of the possibility of lost and stolen is very large.

The best solution to this problem is to use a password storage application that has a high enough level of security. One application that has proven its safety is the Efficient Password Manager.

Efficient Password Manager is a freeware that was developed since 2005. This application has a bright design with a fairly easy to use. Indonesian language support is available further simplify the use of this software.

This application not only offers a general store passwords, but also can save the login information and website URLs, e-mail account with his ID and passwords, software registration code, you could even save the password for your FTP account. In addition, random password generator has also been integrated with this application. Password produced by password generator software is reasonably safe to use, it is evident during the testing of this software took place.

Password that you store in this application is safe and well protected. Login terenskripsi main result of this application with the SHA algorithm, while the password itself is encrypted with 256 - bit AES algorithm, one of the strongest encryption.

The software also has a fairly interesting extra features, such as password management grouping, adding attachments in the password entry, setting a record, display and record them in the card view, a cheerful display with up to 8 interface styles, and tones and different colors.
Requirements and Support

Essentially, this application can run on very low specification PC though because this software would require less resources to use. For the OS itself, the application can run on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/98/ME/NT4 both 32-bit or a 64 bit. So, you do not have to worry about your computer specs do not meet the minimum requirements to run this application requirements.

In the window for help, you can find tips in the form of a dialog box so that you know best or quickest way to use this application. In addition, you also can update the application through the window for help. To find out more about this application, you can visit his official website at In the meantime, if you have trouble, please contact the efficient software through

This software is very helpful in storing various passwords and login that you have. With good performance and adequate level of security is guaranteed, this freeware deserves thumbs up. Another attraction of this software is available in the Indonesian language for ease of use and you can download it for free on his official website.

source: JagatReview
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