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Gary Thuerk, People First of Spreading the SPAM on the Internet

Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), an American computer company, on May 3, 1978 to broadcast news about the latest computer sales company premiere in Los Angeles and San Mateo, California.

Upon the knowledge of Carl Gartley, the owner who borrowed Thuerk email account, he sent the first spam to the computer network a number of universities and government agencies known as the ARPAnet, which is the ancestor of the Internet network.

At that time, there are thousands of people who connect to the network ARPAnet, and most of them are computer scientists.

Thuerk himself intended to send email invitations to all 400 members of the ARPAnet which live in coastal western United States.

However, instead of sending an email to each member one by one, as is standard procedure when it was, he decided to send just one email to all 400 people.

Suddenly, the steps taken Thuerk emotion sparked the scientific community who joined in the ARPAnet network.  However, Thuerk efforts to fruition, a number of victims that he send 'first spam across the world' was eventually buy the products sold his company.  In fact, quoted by Computer World, May 6, 2011, sale due to spam it reaches the value 13 to 14 million U.S. dollars.

'Crimes' by Thuerk was immortalized in a show on CBC television network titled "SPAM: The Documentary." In addition, 'innovation' made by Thuerk also makes recorded in the Guinness World Records as the father of spammers.

When he did what he was doing at the time, Thuerk not realize that his actions is one of the actions that change the computer world, especially the business world.  As is known, due to act Thuerk, according to data from Symantec's latest, about 80 percent of email sent worldwide is now spam.

However, in an interview, admitted Thuerk current condition is not his fault.  "You can not blame the Wright Brothers (inventors of the aircraft, red) in a plane crash that happened today," he said.
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