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Tales of graces: Migration from the Wii to the Playstation 3

After the game Dead Space Extraction in-port of the Nintendo Wii to the PS3, Namco Bandai's turn this time that do similar things. Namco Bandai brings one of a series of franchise RPG Tales Of his Nintendo Wii that was released in Japan in December 2009 and then, Tales of graces, to the Playstation 3.

Just as Dead Space: Extraction, the process of the Wii to the PS3 port, that in fact HD quality, will modify the graphic quality games, is no exception with Tales Of these graces. PS3 version of Tales of graces this will have a graphic quality that approached the Tales series for next-gen console released before, Vesperia.

The colors in this game will be sharpened. But unfortunately the cell-shading graphics atmosphere it will be obvious with the quality, polygons, and the special effects are more inferior compared to Tales Of Vesperia. But it will not prevent the owner of the PS3 to play the Tales series is known as an RPG that offers a fairly unique battle system. Moreover, the PS3 version promises a sharper character details and effects of special attacks better.

Most of us are in Indonesia may have never known or even heard of the series Tales of graces this. Not surprising really because (again) as the developer Namco Bandai does not take him out of Japan. This game was released exclusively for the Japanese market. I myself have never understood why Namco Bandai do this very often, as is done on the series Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Destiny (remake) and many other Tales series that never entered the American market so it is never translated. For those of us who do not understand Japanese, this is a major disaster.

For serial Tales of graces for the PS3, the rumors that circulated stating that Namco Bandai will continue to defend it specifically for the Japanese market, just as they did in Tales of graces on the Nintendo Wii. I personally hope that Namco Bandai may slightly berbijaksana and meet the demand for more Tales series is translated, because the base is pretty big gaming fans worldwide.

source : JagatReview
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