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Type of Traditional Japanese Weapons

Japanese traditional weapons are so many we see on television and perhaps that we know only the samurai and their secret weapon, but it turns out there are various types of weapons in Japan which is still used and well known through film2 and Japanese comics like naruto, knight black steel etc. . 

katana (刀) is a Japanese long sword (Daito, 大刀), although in Japanese itself refers to all types of swords. Katana is kunyomi (Japanese title) of the form of the kanji 刀, while onyomi (called Hanzi) characters to kanji is. He referred to the sword of one eye, a special curved traditionally used by Japanese samurai. 
Katana is usually paired with the wakizashi or shoto, looks similar but is made shorter, both worn by members of the warrior class. 

wakizashi (Japanese language: 胁 差) is a traditional Japanese sword with a blade length of the eye between 30 and 60 centimeters (between 12 to 24 inches), a similar but shorter than the katana which is often worn together. When worn together, the couple was identified as daisho sword, which when translated literally as "big and small"; "dai" or greater for the katana, and "sho" for wakizashi. 
Samurai wakizashi used as a weapon if no katana. When entering the sacred building or building castles, samurai would leave katananya on the guards at the entrance. However, the wakizashi was always still be brought at any time, and with it, it becomes a weapon for the samurai, such as the use of guns for the army. 

naginata (なぎなた, 薙刀) is a spear class weapon that was traditionally used in Japan by members of the samurai. A naginata consists of wooden sticks and machetes handle curved at the ends, these weapons are the same as those held by the guan yu in Chinese history.
Martial arts that uses a naginata called naginata-jutsu.

kama (镰 or かま) is a traditional weapon from Okinawa, kama was originally used for agriculture.

Kama weapon commonly used pair, this weapon is a major weapon of the ninja, but in the end installed mace / chain, called kusari-gamma.

Kusari gama
kusari-gama is kama (see above), but it has a chain attached with a sharp weapon (mace, a small sword, etc.) 

sai (钗) is a traditional weapon from Okinawa, also used in India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Sai is a weapon shaped like a trident. 
Sai was originally a farming tool.

shuriken (手里 剣; "hand hidden blade") is a traditional Japanese weapon that is generally used to be thrown into the opponent, and sometimes used to stab and cut the artery opponent. Shuriken made from needles, knives, and other metal. Shuriken is the weapon most often used after a katana and naginata. 
Martial arts that uses shuriken called shuriken-jutsu, shuriken-jutsu in the ninja used to be taught in college. 
Shuriken known as the "ninja star"

kunai is a traditional Japanese throwing weapons, appeared on the emperor Tensho era. Kunai at are generally made of iron, not steel / other metal, made with cheap and do not in-polish. Kunai usually measuring 20-60cm, and an average of 40 cm. 
Kunai at once is a tool for gardening and tools for stone workers. 
Kunai believed it was not a weapon that is designed to be thrown, but can be thrown and crushed to produce a sizable power.
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