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Vampire Frog in Vietnam

Hanoi - Australian researchers find frog species not common in southern Vietnam. This frog-like vampires and bats can fly from one tree to another.

This frog fly using a membrane in his fingers to slide into inter-tree tops. As quoted by ABC News, the name of 'vampire' is given because the tadpoles of this frog has a black fangs.

Australian Museum scientist Dr. Jodi Rowley found this frog and say the findings that this finding is the first time in which the tadpoles have fangs.

"We do not know for sure, it takes a lot of time examining it. Possibly, it relates to food fangs them, "said Dr. Rowley. This frog species breed in small puddles that are found on tree trunks.

"Maybe these frogs eat something special there,"explained Dr. Rowley.
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