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10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

1. Immortal Bridge (China)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Mount Tai in Shandon Province of China have had cultural and religious values ​​for thousands of years. This is one of five sacred mountains of China and is associated with birth, and resurrection dawn.
When you climb up the mountain you will find this ini.Jembatan Immortal Bridge consists of three large stone and several smaller ones. Below is a valley and the south is a chasm that seemed to appear unfounded. No one quite knows why the big batu2 fall and arranged to place at this time but it's very possible the natural stone bridge that has existed since the Ice Age

2. Bridge Old Konitsa (Greece)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

This bridge seelama centuries in the river stretches Aoos Yunanu, full in the winter. If you look carefully to the right below the top of the bridge, you can see a small bell. The villagers say that when there is enough wind so that the bell was sounded, when it was too dangerous to cross the bridge

3. Rope Bridge Carrick-a-Rede (Ireland)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a rope suspension bridge near Ballintoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The bridge connecting the mainland to the tiny Carrick Island.
This site is owned and managed by the National Trust, covering two hundred feet and is thirty feet above the rocks below this ini.Hari this bridge into a tourist attraction, with 247,000 visitors in 2009. When there is wind on the bridge, this is really an experience that is tense, scary and challenging (if you're afraid of heights) but exhilarating

4. Bridge Royal Gorge

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction near Canon City, Colorado, in a 360-hectare park.
Bridge deck depending on the altitude of 955 feet (291 m) above the Arkansas River, and holds the record for the highest bridge in the world from 1929 until 2003, when defeated by Beipanjiang River Bridge in China.
It is a suspension bridge with a main span of 938 feet (286 m). The bridge whose length is 1260 feet (384 m) and width of 18 feet (5.5 m), with wooden boards totaling 1292. The bridge is hung from the tower as high as 150 feet (46 m)

5. Rope Bridge Inca (Inca Empire, Peru)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Inca rope bridges were simple suspension bridges over valleys and canyons (pongos) to provide access for the Inca Empire. Bridges of this type suitable for use by the Inca people did not use the wheel transportation - limited traffic or pedestrian ternak.Jembatan guide is an integral part of the Inca road system and an example of technological innovation Inca empire. They are often used by runners Chasqui convey messages throughout wilaayah Inca Empire.

Incas used natural fibers found in the local vegetation to build bridges. These fibers woven together so as to create a strong enough rope and reinforced with wood as a floor cable. Each section then attached to a pair of stone anchors on each side of the canyon with a large cable from woven grass material connecting the two poles together.

Adding to this construction, two additional cables acted as a fence. The cable that supports the point-foot reinforced with woven branches. Multi-structure system that made the bridge is strong enough even to bring Spanish troops on horseback after they arrive.
However, a large bridge was so heavy that they tend to degenerate in the middle, and this causes them to sway when it comes a strong wind.

Part of the strength of the bridge and reliability comes from the fact that each cable is replaced every year by local residents as part of the ministry of "Mita" to the public or to such liability.
In some cases, local farmers have the sole task of maintaining and repairing the bridge so that the Inca highway or road system can continue to function. The largest bridge of this kind exist in the Apurimac Canyon along the main road from northern Cuzco

6. Hanging Bridge Pulau Langkawi (Malaysia)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

This bridge includes a bridge sky around the canyon on the island of Langkawi, which is the largest island in the archipelago of Langkawi, Malaysia. Flying at an altitude of 687 m above sea level, offers views of the Andaman Sea and Thailand's Tarutao Island. The view from this bridge really makes people hold their breath - the building curves give a different perspective of the landscape.

Bridge The sky is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world that can make us more adrenaline pumping. Unique cable-suspended bridge by only one supporting pillar. These poles along 95 yards by 8 cables attached to counterweight. Curved pedestrian bridge spans 125 m in a gap that has long spektakuler.Jembatan 136 meters wide and 2 meters. on 1.8 m wide sky bridge has two triangular platform width 3.6 myang provide spectacular viewing area for visitors. And remember when you are in front of the bridge, you are standing 687 m above sea level.

7. Puente de Ojuela (Mexico)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Ojuela is a small mining settlement located in the northwestern city of Durango, in northern Mexico. This settlement is now known as ghost towns as a result of mineral ore that tired. The only one still alive from the functional structure is gantung.Jembatan bridge is known as "Puente de Ojuela" (Ojuela Bridge) by local residents.

The original bridge was designed by Roebling's famous brothers, who also designed the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time of construction, Puente de Ojuela is the third longest suspension bridge in the world. It was rebuilt recently by the Company Peñoles, the original building was canceled and only the main arches are now displayed in Torreon Exposition Center

 8. Suspension bridge Hussaini (Pakistan)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Known as the most dangerous bridges in the world, Hussaini Hanging Bridge is just one of many precarious rope bridge in northern Pakistan.
For most people, the only way to travel is by walking across the mountains to get to Rawalpindi.Pada 1978, Karakoram Highway has been completed and the area is connected, but inter-regional travel is still as difficult as it 100 years ago.

Regular aspects of travel through the region, including cable and rickety bridges that cross the board Northern Pakistan mountain streams and rivers. Among these are Hussaini suspension bridge, crossing the Lake in the Upper Hunza Borit. rope bridge is very long but poorly maintained. Many boards are missing, and strong winds rocked the bridge when you cross.

This does little to ease the nervousness in the previous bridge, old bridge, broken, hanging in tatters on the bridge next to the "new".
Although it looks dangerous, however, Hussaini is a bridge that is relatively safe and has become something that attracts tourists, with many climbers who try to cross to pass through her guts menguju

9. Vitim River Bridge (Siberia)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Vitim is a wide river in Siberia, Russia. The bridge is provided to you cross made of wood and not in good condition.
This bridge is wide enough for one car along the 570 meters (1870 feet) so it takes 3 minutes drive on it if you are a skilled driver.
If you are not so skilled, you can see 15 meters into the river Vitim, which is not pleasant.

And it's really nothing. Vitim River Bridge in Russian Siberia. For those who do not know this area, this area is covered with the extreme winter almost all year with temperatures below the Northern Ontario and all covered with snow and it turned into a es.Jembatan Icicle with the locals there is no traction drive up and down this bridge because often the only way they Vitim River.

10. Bridge Natural Bryce Canyon's Utah, USA)

10 Bridge Most Exotic and Horrible

Natural Bridge, the most popular arch in Bryce Canyon, located 1.7 miles past Fairview Point and visible from the Natural Bridge. Naming the Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon caused little stir among geologists. Although the artificial nature structure looks like a bridge, it actually curves.
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