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15 weirdest animals in the world

This world is filled with strange creatures. From vertebrates to invertebrates, many different living from the other. Here will be discussed 15 of the strangest animals in the world.

1. King Heriang

Heriang bird is usually seen as a black bird, ugly and boring. However, King Heriang are animals that are colorful. Her body is white on top and white on the bottom, while his head covered with a variety of colors ranging from red, orange and yellow to blue and purple. He also had a wattle in his head. Heriang not have a larynx, but they still give off a loud noise. According to Smuku Maya mythology, this bird is a messenger from God.

2. Japanese spider crab

Largest arthropod in the world, it has great crab legs that can reach 4 meters in length (13 stiff) and weighs 20 kilograms (44 pounds). They also can live for thousands of years.

3. Sea Spiders

Animal that looks like the spider who lived in different depths in the sea. The most distinguishing characteristics other than their home is a big foot (when compared to their bodies). They have no respiratory system, but use diffusion to survive. The largest of this kind is Colossendeis colossea species.

4. Whip Scorpion

Scary arachnid has pedipalus (clamp) the magnitude and "whip" on the edge of their abdomen. Even more frightening is that these animals can inject various chemical liquids from their stomachs, including formic acid (formic acid) (CH2O2), a mixture of chlorine and acetic acid (C2H4O2) and oktanoic acid (C8H16O2), depending on their species. Their last spray smells like vinegar, which is why they are also called "Vinegarroons". Similar animals that include a whip scorpion (also known as tailless whip scorpions) and micro whip scorpions.

5. Catfish Reversed
As the name implies, fish from Africa are often found swimming in the circumstances upside down. It is estimated that they do this so they can reach food at the water surface, such as insect eggs. Their body color is also upside down, unlike most fish, their stomachs are much darker than the top of their bodies. This is useful for camouflage against predators at the top. They are a popular pet fish and may be in the near future sale in the local pet shop.

6. Water Bear

Small animals such as this caterpillar is one of the greatest creatures that ever existed. They can live almost anywhere, ranging from hot springs to polar regions. Amazingly, they can get into cryonic state (state of very low temperature) which makes them almost entirely immune from environmental damage. They can survive at temperatures over 150 degrees Celsius and even close to absolute zero temperature. They can withstand enormous pressure, radiation and even a vacuum. Most often found in moss and other wet places.

7. Vampire Moth

Not all butterflies and moths drink nectar, moths vampires drink blood reality. This is done by using a trunk that penetrates the skin and drink the blood of the target. And, yes, they sometimes bite humans. Fortunately they do not cause disease. Only males that bite.

8. Megalopyge Opercularis
This kind of hairy moth, especially as a caterpillar. Famous for some of the title, like a moth cat / caterpillar cats, southern flannel moth, and venomous caterpillars, moths are more similar to Persian cats than caterpillars. They may look cute but DO NOT ever touch it. Like most caterpillars, small insects have defense systems: their hair is actually poisonous spines. Touching it will not kill, but it will hurt and cause scars. First aid should be done if accidentally touched this caterpillar. They use their fur as a chrysalis.

9. Borer Beetles Giraffe

As thought, this weevil has a long neck and slender (only males have). This long neck helps the weevil to build its nest. They are also colorful, mostly black body and red.

10. Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale (physeter macrocephalus) is the largest animal in the group of toothed whales as well as the largest toothed animal in the world. Pope was named as spermaceti milky white material found on his head, and was originally mistaken for sperm. Head of a large Sperm Whale and a different overall shape, plus the appearance in the novel Moby-Dick, written by Herman Mellville, made him known as whales archetype (archetype). Known as the world's smallest whale. No longer than the size of an adult human.

11. Cnemidophorus Uniparens

These lizards may look ordinary from the outside, but when examined more deeply, revealed a surprising fact: in some species, such as the New Mexico whiptail, all are female. They go through parthenogenesis, which is the embryos without male fertilization to produce offspring. Nevertheless, these lizards still need "marriage" to increase fertility.

12. Andean Cock-of-the-rock

Females of this species is actually quite normal, but males have a large head that looks odd, red / orange and stand out. Its fur is red / orange in the front, black on the bottom and a little gray. They are the national bird of Peru.

13. Coconut sponger

The largest arthropods that live on land (weight reached 4.1 pounds), hermit crab is known to like to climb coconut trees and eat the fruit. Unlike other hermit crab, only the children who wear leather shell. The older usually wear a coconut shell. Their color, colorful, such as orange and blue. They are rumored to steal shiny objects.

14. Frog Hair

African frog gets its name from the side shell structure similar to male hair. Hair is used to increase the rate of the frog to absorb oxygen, because males spent a long time to keep their eggs. Another impressive fact of this frog is that they have claws that can be pulled out which is made of bone (as lawam keratin). However, to remove the claw, the frogs have to break a bone nodule in advance.

15. Fish Barreleye
Its existence actually been identified since 1939. However, it was only from specimens that have died. Fish that are visible in the image size approximately 15 inches long. Researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), photographed in deep water near the coast of central California. This is the only fish species that have such uniqueness. Although it has two bumps on his head, that's NOT the eye. Her eyes are two transparent green balls in his head. The eyes can be used to search for food on top or looking ahead when hunting prey.
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