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This woman copulate the 1000 Men in 10 Years

Christina Saunders was so obsessed with the character of Samantha Jones in the series 'Sex and the City'. British woman desperate even perform "mission" to copulate with 1,000 men in the past 10 years.

As quoted from the page Your Tango, Christina was deeply challenged by the character Samantha who was so confident to attract and control of many men in bed. "Samantha is very sexy, confident, and proud. I am fascinated with behavior like men, can sleep with anybody," he said.

Christina, who was then still a student aged 20 years, was driven to become live life like Samantha. He has sex with at least one man in a week. In order to achieve its target copulate 1,000 men, he determined to do anything, including having sexual relations with two men at once.

By graduation, the number of men who successfully conquered has touched 300. With age, the more his obsession bubbling. While working in London, he was more diligent teasing men in a bar. He is also becoming more frequent vacations in order to meet more men. In fact, he never has sex with 15 men for a week holiday in Ibiza, Spain.

So no one counted, Christina always carry a diary every time you travel. He also never forgot to write down the name of the following male sexual ability every time after doing intercourse. Each detail of his experiences neatly written in his diary.

In the midst of a social environment that began to call him a whore, Christina persist. "I do not feel dirty, I already feel addicted," he said. Christina has blinded his obsession. He apparently also did not care about the potential for sexually transmitted diseases that could kill him.

To be sure, after successfully completing its mission at the age of 30 years, Christina began to regret. "I seem to have taken action too far. What I want now just calm down," he said.

Christina's story is one snapshot of how television can negatively affect human life. That is why many psychologists are always reminded of the importance of selecting any impressions that will be watched. It is important for us to be able to separate between the world of imagination and reality.
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