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5 World's Magic Stone

1.  Wave Rock Hyden, Australia
A wave of stone like the waves, according to researchers already have 2.700jt years ago.

2.  Moving Rock
There has been no research on this stone, and 1 person was not tough if this stone benar2 running, only tracks that stated if these stones could walk or move.

3.  Dome of the Rock Mosque Aqsa, Jerusalem

Proof of the greatness of Allah SWT stone seat when the Prophet Muhammad Ascension of the Prophet until now still remain in the air.  At the time of the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension stones they will want to come along, but the Prophet SAW menghentakan his feet on the stones they will be, meaning they will not have to rock along.

4.  Malin Kundang Rock, Beach Water Manih, Minangkabau
Padang is said that this stone is a boy who was cursed by his mother, because of disobedience.

5.  Ayers Rock Uluru Alice Springs, Australia
Stones that can change color to follow the weather, sometimes orange, black, blue etc..
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