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People with the ability to 'Super Brain'

Have a super memory in your brain, whether it's a blessing, or is it a problem? What if you could remember every detail of your personal experience, each telephone number of all relatives and friends, familiar from every incident that even experienced by others? whether it be fun? or interfere with, because you will always remember every thing, even the smallest and unpleasant in your life. Some say it is a blessing, some actually regard this as a disturbance in the brain remain unexplained causes. In this world, there are 4 people who proved to have a SUPER MEMORY.

Here is the fourth person:

Bob Petrella

As a producer of the television channel Sport tennis, Bob has the ability to remember all the things that ever happened in his life. He remembers every cell phone numbers of all family and friends. And the amazing thing is his ability to remember every detail of sporting events that occur even decades ago. A course on 30 March 1981. He not only remember that on that Ronald Reagan was shot, but he's also considering Indiana defeated North carolina in the NCAA game the same night. He will give a clear picture of the game, even to the precious moments of each game including the final score. According to his testimony, he was already aware of this ability since the age of 5 years. He explains how he remembers his grandmother's face clearly, how he remembers all his atm pin code even all his phone numbers. It is profitable, when he lost his cell phone. If others would panic because of lost objects on this one, not so with Bob. He does not need to worry because she remembers everything.

Jill Price

Jill Price describes this ability as something that is not restrained, all day and very tiring. Of the four people who will be written here, he was the first diagnosed with a remarkable ability to remember like this. Jill poured it in a book titled The Woman Who Can not Forget. He admitted that he had noticed this ability since their teens. Able to remember every detail of her life since the age of 14 years. And even Jill compare this ability is equivalent to a video cassette. He is often carrying a video camera to prove his ability. When someone tries to know what Jill remembered, he will tell you to watch the video and Jill itself will explain what happened, his way. Just like Bob, Jill tried to avoid the frenetic hollywood. Even so he often makes people impressed with the ability to remember. Including the Lockerbie incident (air crash since the bomb on December 21, 1988) or the last episode of Dallas movie on 3 May 1991. But once Jill sometimes feel miserable, because he was unable to forget the painful moments in his life. Including when he should have a broken heart because of disconnected love or love denied by the man she appraiser.

Brad Williams

Brad Williams is a radio announcer, he is domiciled in Wisconsin, U.S.. He was able to remember what happened on 7 November 1991. At the time Magic Johnson announced for the first time that he was HIV positive. Not only that, he was also able to remember that that day is Thursday and the week before the snow storm is very great. Just like Bob, Brad is also pleased to recall the moment in sporting events, but he was also pleased with something that smells popular, such as the Academy Award for example. he was able to remember all the names of the winners and category which was won by the person clearly. Although researchers do not agree that this is not unusual, but he believes, he does not feel different from others. The journey of life is being documented in a film titled "Unforgettable" will soon appear in cinemas in America.

Rick Baron

If anyone who has a super memory and use their skills to get things done, he was Rick Baron. The Cleveland native is the first time acknowledges its ability in the USA today after she read an article about Jill Price and abilities. He admitted using his ability to get lots of gifts from the trivia quiz. Discount cards, tickets to watch sporting events, tickets and even travel is one gift he has ever won. Since the age of 11 years he has realized his ability to remember day after day that he passed, maybe even younger than that. According to USA Today, her sister already know that the Baron suffered from OCD, where the young he loved collecting things into small catalogs, he even keep all the pages of bills from the bank and organize.

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