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6 World's Most Expensive Wedding Ring

1.  De Beers Platinum
Diamonds in this ring is very luxurious and has a sparkle that is perfect.  A stone weighing 9 carat diamond ring makes this the most expensive in the world .. With its perfection is worth it if the ring is priced at $ 1.83 million ... fantastic!

2.  Tiffany Diamond Oval
Whether you are a generous people and like things that glamorous?? The Tiffany diamond is perfect for you.  The ring is attached to the left of a 14.79-carat oval diamond type worth $ 1.46 million and a ring on the right there are 12.3-carat diamond-shaped pillow for $ 800,000!

3.  Internally Flawless
This platinum diamond ring type is a collection of Home Jewellery Elizabeth Taylor, Los Angeles.  Amid this ring there are 5.98 carat oval diamond and 3.96 carat round diamond surrounded by as many as ten pieces, thus forming a flower.  Prepare a fund of $ 1.3 million to bring home the ring.

4.  Secret Kiss of the Rose
Soccer star David Beckham has put a diamond ring it to Victoria Beckham dipesta their marriage.  Notice of this ring, there amid purchase 0.8-carat pink diamond surrounded by 4.15 carats of white that makes it very luxurious .. beautiful ring can be redeemed for $ 525,000 ..!

5.  Asscher Cut Diamond
The ring was first developed in 1902, but it was not perfect desaignnya.  Oscar Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon menggukakan this ring when married to actor Ryan Phillipe.  The beauty is equipped with a diamond ring of 10.19 carats and sold for $ 520,000 ..!

6.  Yellow Diamond
This yellow diamond ring with a collection of very melancholic .. baseball star Johnny Damon, actor Charlie Sheen and Eddie Murphy wearing this ring when their engagement, Equipped with a 5.11 carat diamond, this ring worth $ 400,000
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