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Swimming Pool The Strange, Sinister And Exotic

In this world, there are thousands of places to swim.  Swimming good for health, and enjoyable.  But if you're bored of the normal pool, there are many other interesting places unusual.  Consider a few trips to visit places to swim from a strange, creepy, exotic to the beautiful.


The Dead Sea is a hypersaline lake and one of the places with the highest salt level.  He has a salt lake east of the Jordan and Israel to the west.

The beach is the lowest point of land on the earth's surface, at 1385 meters below sea level.  The Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world with a depth of 1240 feet.  Because of high salinity, we will float and can sit almost on the surface without sinking.  The density of salt water that gives him a different sensation.

Bizarrely Beautiful Depths

Divers love to play in the sea around the world.  Some search for treasure or sinking ship, while others swim where they can enjoy the colorful coral reefs, exotic marine life.  Extreme forms of aquatic species is the giant Medusa.  They have the benefit of overfishing and now takes over the ocean on the north coast of Japan.  Some divers choose to swim and track Echizen jellyfish monster like this with a body nearly 5 feet.  Swimming with super-sized jellyfish can also be done in Southeast Asia, the Gulf of Mexico, Black Sea and North Sea.  Jellyfish Nomura called the largest in the world, has a weight of 400 pounds with a size of a sumo wrestler.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

In the area of Palau, more than 12,000 years ago, an isolated island and the sea rock jellyfish trapped in the sea and turned into a lake.  With few predators on the island of Eil Malk rocks, jellyfish prospered and multiplied.  Now the lake is more than 10 million jellyfish lake and is known as a jellyfish.  Their ability to sting disappear with time, are now swimming with them is totally harmless.  Its size varies.

Devil's Pool

If you're ever in Zimbabwe, do not miss the chance to swim in The Devil's Pool, a small lagoon, surrounded by rocks, on the edge of one, the largest waterfall of the most beautiful in the world, Victoria Falls.  Set on Livingstone Island, at an altitude of 103 meters, Devil's Pool is definitely one of the most beautiful locations on Earth.  During September and December, people can swim as close as possible to the edge of a waterfall without the fear of falling.

Natural Phenomenon Bioluminescent Bay at La Parguera

Vieques Island in Puerto Rico offers the best experience to swim.  Although the name of the Gulf of Miskito may seem attractive, the bay with the water surface revealed the secret even during the dark nights without moonlight.  This is water that lights up.  Not with radioactivity, but on every gallon of bay, there are 720,000 single-cell organisms that glow phosphor when they agitated.  Swim in the Gulf of Miskito will make your body blue-green.  However, if you take a handful of water, you can see the plankton.  Like the Dead Sea, high-salinity water so you can float sitting up, without sinking.  Have fun floating in the bay with Bioluminescent rare and endangered species.

Taal Lake: Philippines

In the Philippines, Taal Lake is a freshwater lake in the depths of the crater formed by the eruption thousands of years ago.  The Taal Volcano is active and is located on an island in the middle of the lake.  Swimmers can find all kinds of surprises in this lake, Taal Lake is home to one of the rarest sea snakes in the world, one of two "true" sea snake species that live entirely in freshwater.  Was nice pool here, but watch out for sea snake monster, Hydrophis semperi.
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