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6 Characteristics of Female Sex Addict

DURING this, sex addicts often addressed in men.  Stigma is perhaps due to the perspective which says that men are the party that should be aggressive in bed.

In fact, women may also experience problems of sex addiction.  Agresitivitas and those who initiate sexual activity can also be solved by women.  Get to know her through some sex addict following characteristics, as revealed by the Times of India.

Glad to be a magnet of attention

Women who suffer from sex addiction (nymphomaniac) require the attention of more than one person.  He could go as far as anything to be a magnet for many men.  So, be careful if your partner spread charm at all friends, colleagues and your boss, or a man who had met.

Always in a relationship

The past relationships continue to push forward a new series relationship with another man.  The reason why he never himself is that he can not stand alone.

Sex everywhere

No matter what you say to him, he would only describe the meaning or connotation to satisfy himself sexually.  He will attach every conversation with eroticism which eventually leads to sex.

Sex is a drug

For all the pain, anxiety, and problems, the only drug that worked for him was sex.  He could not forget it.

Too often, too fast

That expectation of the relationship.  While a normal woman just by kissing and hugging, he's on fire with burning desire to be in bed with you, with full command for you, of course!

Reject him and see his reaction

Each man had a day in which the libido is low and fails to reply to your passion.  But, dare to refuse a Nympho or sex addict, then he would touch the patterns of extreme behavior, including spitting on you, depression, and fear of withdrawal from everything around him.  Extreme suicidal tendencies can also be a consideration.

"It's impossible for sex addicts realize the need for treatment for his problem. In any case, it is the prerogative. It takes patience to convince him to see a specialist. Lack of treatment can not only express a sense of acute embarrassment to the sex addict, but they also rely on legal issues  , especially in the case of women, "said psychiatrist Dr Aruna Broota.
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