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Hot 10 Celebrity Sex Secrets Reveal Them!!

celebrity and sex, two things are always yummy to talk about.  Beauty supplies that they have, sexy body, beautiful hair, a slim waist and abdomen, beauty boobs, they certainly can give everything to the spouse.  Approximately how do they work?

10 celebrities will uncover the secrets of their sex, style, frequency, to whom they mate.  So, read this article to completion.

Secret 1 #: Megan Fox
Megan Fox (c) GQ
Millions of men in the world could dream of to sleep and having sex with this bintangTRANSFORMER.  But in reality, Armani model who was born in Oak Ridgem, Tennessee, United States, admitted only ever had sex with two men alone!

"I just never do it with two men in my entire life. Someone in their teens, and Brian," said Megan as quoted from TheSun.

Secret 2 #: Mel B
Mel B (c) broadwayworld
Women who have a long name Melanie Janine Brown was very fond of accessories whip.  For Mel, variations of the whip to give the impression of sexy, because sex is very important to him.  "I do not need the whip again, I've got at home," he said.

Secret 3 #: Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin (c) the cinematic source
"I'm Anna Paquin. And I was bisexual," said Stephen Moyer fiance is fully confident in a campaign in Los Angeles, Jan. ago.

Starring Rogue in X-Men film is not shy to admit his sex secrets.  He admitted that he was not the woman who likes to spend time for hours to think about marriage.

Secret 4 #: Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria (c) the hollywoodgossip
One of the actors in the movie The Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria says that the Brazilian Wax is one of the tips on the best sex they had, and she hopes other women also enjoy it.  "Should all women enjoyed a Brazilian wax, that's the secret of my sex. I just use a thong at the time."

Secret 5 #: Dita Von Teese
Dita Von Teese (c) blogspot
If Mel accessories like a whip, apparently Dita Von Teese has a taste that is not much different.  "I like the game a little rough and maybe a pat on the butt," ungkapDita

Secret 6 #: Fearne Cotton
Fearne Cotton (c) wordpress
British presenter has always wanted to look fit after a tired work.  For that he thought the stress and fatigue should be released through an activity.  "Usually if it is too hard work, then we need an activity that can release and make it more relaxed. Sex, drinking alcoholic beverages and exercise at the gym will really help you. But occasionally, you have to do three things simultaneously," he said giving tips  .

Secret 7 #: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman (c) babble
The beautiful Nicole Kidman has admitted that sex is a personal matter.  But he did not deny that he likes all things new and tempting accessories.

Secret # 8: Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum (c) fitceleb
The presence of four children who must have been funny is a proof that Heidimemiliki incredible sex life with her husband Seal.  Couples assessed artist always seemed intimate, admits not too complicated in intimate affairs.  MenurutHeidi complementary accessories not needed by their sex.  "I'm also not a lover of costume on the bed. Well, maybe 5-10 years ahead I will need and begin to buy it. But now we are quite satisfied and can enjoy it without any assistance," he said.

Secret 9 #: Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson (c) bittenanbound
Playboy Model, Kendra is a young couple admitted that a young couple is very nice.  Although it has been blessed with a baby, the action did not stop their beds.  "That we will do so in time our baby was asleep," he said.  Occasionally Kendra and her husband also did outside the home to shift gears.  "At that time he gave a surprise by delivering 10 dozen roses in Las Vegas hotels. And to return, I gave a great bed action!"  lid.

Secret 10 #: Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham (c) blogthecoast
I was so eager to have daughters, Posh and David Beckham launched a program of sex 5 times a day!  And Vic believes that by standing sex, they will soon have a baby girl.  who thinks that makes her more excited.
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