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Want to see Naked Fitness First in the world?


The more days the atmosphere in the town of Heteren Fitness Centrum, province of Gelderland (Netherlands) more festive.  Attention from the media whether it came from within the country, as well as from outside the country always comes.  Why?

Because this city, for the first time officially established fitness center for the nudistan (naked).  This unique fitness center has been running a few months, after royally inaugurated in March this year.

This fitness center is the most recent breakthrough of De Naturisten Federatie Nederland (Federation of Dutch nudists).  The establishment of the gym to the nude is not separated from the idea that ditelorkan by Patrick (the owner of the gym.)

From the show chatting casually with a member of fitness, which turned out to members of the association of the nudists, finally emerged the idea to establish a specific gym.  Even after fitness centrum is going well, he has held talks with various kollega in the United States, Britain, Germany and Belgium.

As already known, that the antiquity of sport is commonly performed without clothes.  In the era of the victorious Greeks, various kinds of sports done with tradition without clothes.

1.  Requirements to become a member of this gym is at least 18 years old.
2.  Must be naked while in digedung fitness.
3.  Prohibited conduct various forms of sexual intimidation.

Walo all fitness participants in a state of naked, the intruktor diwajibakn using official clothes.  Also, the employees and the employee is in the building remained intact wearing.
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