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8 Rules of Wearing a mobile phone

seems now, almost everyone can not live without a cell phone.  Men or women can spend a long time, even up for hours calls.  However, on the other gadgets that continue to experience this innovation has been blamed as one of the 'ringleader' cause brain cancer.

Although the assumption is still confusing, according to many experts, it could not hurt you minimize the bad effects of mobile phones.  Consider the 8 rules for safe use of mobile phones.

1.  Children under 12 years of age should not use the phone frequently.  Ask your child to wear a cell phone for emergency purposes only.

2.  Better to wear the device hands free when you call as often as possible, rather than put the phone on your ear.

3.  Do not store the phone in his trouser pocket.  Radiation from mobile feared could interfere with blood circulation in the middle and lower body.

4.  Try not to place it near your head while sleeping.

5.  Do not use the phone too long.  Even if need longer, you should use a hands free device.

6.  Frequently change the position of the ears when you call.

7.  Better not use the phone in a location that has the signal is not stable, or in a place that moves.  (Eg in cars).

8.  Try to reduce the frequency of calls, and better communicate via SMS.
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