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5 Things That Should Not Performed on Twitter

Frenetic that occurred in the 140-character blog is not rare to be breaking news.  For example, when an actress who got angry over twitter and become a public concern.

Like the other social media, there are norms to be followed for your followers do not blasphemous or even blurred.  Here are the things that should not be in-tweet, as quoted by PCMag.

1.  Do not say anything that can get you fired or hard to get a job.  Many people do not realize that twitter is a public space, once you post something bad, then you will not know the response of people to follow you.

2.  Do nge-tweet more than five times in one hour, let alone comment on other people tweet content or complain.  Followers You will feel disturbed because of his timeline is full of cursing you.

3.  Do not reply every time someone else nge-tweet.  Some people just want to express that he feels in his heart without wanting responses from others.

4.  Do not retweet something without mention of people who first nge-tweet.  Give credit to those who wrote it first.

5.  Do not ask for someone else to to follow you.  If you are interesting tweet, then you will get the desired followers.
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