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This is the Long Life Tips

  • Sports.  Regular exercise not only helps flexibility and balance the body, but also maintain clarity of mind and a healthy cardiovascular system.  Walking and yoga are advised to fitness.
  •  Manage stress.  Almost the entire population of Asia is stressed during his life due to various wars, hardships, and lost their loved ones.  But most of them have a positive mental attitude and resigned.  Gerontology experts claim, psychological health is far more important than physical health to ensure well-being in old age.
  •  Sex.  The study, published in 1997 in the form of the British Medical Journal that looked at 918 men aged 45-59 years for 10 years to get, those who ejaculated less than once a month two times faster die within the study period than men who have sex at least twice a week.
  • Marriage.  Report RAND Center for the Study of Aging in 1996 stated, married men live longer than men who are single.  Allegedly due to better nutrition, attentive care during illness and family life can reduce stress.
  •   Raising Children.  Middle-aged couples are often hesitant to have children for fear of increased risk of having babies with birth defects.  However, recent research published in Nature showed that women who begin childbearing at age 30-40 years tend to live longer.
  •  Sleep.  Sleep provides the opportunity for the body to repair damaged cells.  Recent surveys of the American Cancer Society to get, those who slept an average of seven hours a day low death rate.  But, mostly sleeping too dangerous.  Sleeping more than nine hours a day cause depression, slow, and lazy so reduce the chances of longevity.  Also Rezeki, hehe.
  •   Diet.  In addition to good genes, proper diet are important factors that determine longevity.  Materials recommended food is fruit, vegetables and unprocessed carbohydrates such as rice.  Protein should be obtained from fish and nuts.
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