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Crocodile Monster, Reach Length 8 Meters

More than half a century ago, the largest crocodile in the world that has a length of up to 8.64 meters was found and shot dead at Normanton, Queensland, Australia. Since then, there never was a crocodile of that size ever found nowhere else in the world. However, all may soon change. 
This week, Normanton, a small town in Queensland dihebohkan bay with a pretty terrible news. In the Norman River which flow through the city, thought to have lived a crocodile whose length reaches up to 8 meters. If this is true, then this is the biggest crocodile ever found in modern times.

This news first came from a local pastor named Elton Thompson. He admitted that he had never seen an animal monster, but he has the proof in the form of photographs traces the giant creature.

Reverend Thompson took the photograph on the banks of the river the previous week Norman about 1 kilometer from the center of Normanton. He is also a large measure the footprint trail.

The width of her feet 25 inches and some traces of it sinking into the soil up to 2.5 centimeters.
The distance between the two hind legs is 1 meter.
Looking at the size of this footprint, the crocodile might have a size of up to 8 meters. He said:

        "Some people never seen a crocodile in the river. They say that size is more or less like it or larger. They called it the largest crocodile ever seen."

Many people ignored the warnings Reverend Thompson. However, not long after that, a fisherman named Clint Spry managed to get a photograph that shows a giant crocodile in the river Norman. Spry believed that the crocodile it does have the size as predicted by the pastor Thompson.
According to Spry, the crocodile that has the same tail length with a dinaikinya boat, which is about 3.8 meters.

Discovery pastor Thompson Spry and photos taken immediately spread through the local media and residents were arguing about the size of Normanton crocodile.

Some residents do not believe it. But for others, crocodile of that size was not unusual. Especially considering the history of the city.

Normanton town had become very famous throughout the world because in 1957, a 8.64-meter long crocodile was shot dead by a hunter. Crocodiles, which later was named Krys, broke the world record because before and even until now there has never been that big crocodile ever found.
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