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Strange Requests Before Death

What nonsense is the demand of people below before his death. Whatever, here it is:
1. Son of a dying girl asks for watching movies Up
Curtin Colby was diagnosed with cancer of blood vessels and was told that he has a very short time to live. His desire is to see the Pixar film 'Up' before he died. Looks like it was already near the end, but the film has not been released, so that some members of his family contact with Pixar and told them the story.

2. Angel Pantoja: Want to stand on his own funeral
A funeral home in Puerto Rico use development "balm" of special care to keep the body of Angel Pantoja Medina's 24-year stand upright for a three-day wake in his mother's San Juan home. Wearing a New York Yankees cap and sunglasses, Pantoja was mourned by relatives while leaning against an upright in the living room. "Angel wanted to be happy, standing," said his brother Carlos to "El Nuevo He" newspaper.

3. 9-year Jayla: I want to get married before he died
Every little girl has dreams about her wedding day with a white dress decorated with beautiful and certainly the right man. However, Jayla Cooper, 9, do not have a long time to wait for Mr. Right. Jayla suffered from leukemia for almost two years, and the rest of the time only a few weeks away. Therefore, he had one last request that he wanted to achieve that is married. Finally, Jayla was married to his best friend during their rehabilitation at Children's Medical Center, Dallas named Jose Griggs. "He was very handsome," said Jayla blushed. "And I love him," lajutnya back.

4. Bratt: left £ 330,000 to the condition that she would smoke a cigar 5 days

Samuel Bratt uses his will solely to get revenge. His wife never let him smoking his favorite cigar. When he died in 1960, hurt again Bratt favor. He left £ 330,000. To get it, however, she must be smoking cigars five days.

5. Zink TM: donate money to the establishment of libraries "womenless"

Iowa attorney T.M. Zink, who died in 1930, has a strong desire like an insult to women that he wanted. use the savings to establish a library that will allow no works of women writers or artists, and will prohibit female patron. In her will, Zink stated that $ 35,000 was placed in a trust for 75 years, and the amount collected will be used to build the Library Womanless Zink, where every entry will bear a sign with the words "Women Not Allowed." Zink's daughter, who was left $ 5 in the same will, be challenged by success, and female-free zone to learn is never built.
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