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Art Tattoos By Body sculpt

In the process of scarification, scars or marks formed by cutting the skin. There are many reasons why people may turn to scarification. Aesthetic, scarification is usually more noticeable on dark-skinned people than tattoos. Also, unlike tattoos, scarification's are a product of one's own body.

There are also religious and social reasons for scarification. According to trust some tribes in Africa, producing scars in children newborn to help prevent disease-related vision. There may also be religious expressions that are used in the process of scarification.
Scar scarification01 TattoosScarification is not a precise art, there are many variables, such as skin type, depth of the wound, and how the wound is treated while healing, which makes the outcome somewhat unpredictable.
The body creates the scar, not the artist, but it is important to remember that the method will work well in one person may not work well on another. In addition, scars tend to spread a little when they recover, so usually a relatively simple scarification designs - small details can easily get swallowed up in the healing process.

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