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Most Strange and Mysterious Death In The World

Death indeed can happen anytime. But for some people there is also a strange request before his death. Below is the mysterious deaths and strange.

The roof fuckers
In 2007, a carpenter taxi found the body of a man and woman naked in a building in Colombia. Many believe that they died while having sex.


Jennifer Strange
Jennifer died when when trying to win the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" on the radio, he died because drinking water very much but do not want to urinate (because keasikan follow-up quiz on the radio)

The Starcraft Death
A Korean, Lee Seung Seop, collapsed and died after playing video games for 50 hours in the cafe.

Grizzly Man And His Girlfriend
A dressing room is named Timothy Treadwell loved bears, to the extent that he lived in Alaska for a long weekend just to be close to the bears. In 2003, one of them killed and another bear that ate Timothy and killed his girlfriend.

The Pizza Bomber
A pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells called the police and admitted that now he was robbed by a man named Erie, Penn. He also said that now his neck was fitted with a bomb and will explode. Well its a bomb exploded and died. Four years after his death, police said Wells was actually the brains of the robbery. And still not known why he puts the real bomb around his neck.

The Dumb Lawyer
2003, after partying, Garry Hoy was a lawyer and a senior at work to the students wanted to show off his students how to solve the glass in the Toronto-Dominion Bank. He hit himself on the glass and fell. And was declared dead and really dead

R. Budd Dwyer
In 1987, treasure seekers from Pennsylvania, R. Budd Dwyer held a news conference to explain the alleged corruption case to him, he suddenly pulled his gun and meletakkanya right in his mouth and shot himself, and this happened on live TV
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