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Here's Execution Photographs Dead rapist and murderer in Yemen

This is the Yemeni-style justice applicable to criminals. The man is accused of raping criminals and killed a boy aged 11 years. Men named Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah are paraded along the streets of his birth before being shot dead by an offender executions before thousands of people. In that stressful events, the crowd who witnessed the execution at the same time cheering shouting criticism of Yehya.


The events of this crime begins when a boy named Hamdi al-Kabas Yehya barbershop locations visited during the celebration of Eid al-Adha lasts, December last year. After brutally molesting, pedophile perpetrators Hamdi was mutilated body and throw it outside of the capital Sana'a.


Death sentence imposed by a court of Yehya a month later after he later admitted his actions. Figure executions quite thrilling was released yesterday after the execution.


Yehya who wore a white robe was escorted out of the central prison in Sana'a with handcuffs. Frightened look on his face when Yehya surrounded by a group of soldiers who took him to the expanse of red cloth where executions.

Yehya allowed to raise the last prayer before his robes torn and his face bent down. When was the last time the police read out the verdict sentence against Yehya, a physician observing the execution process in the middle of a crowd of people, including children, some of whom shouted insult Yehya and several other fist into the air.


Some people among the crowd of visitors do not want to release the final seconds of the moment with mengabadikannya via their mobile phone camera. A soldier directs his machine gun into the barber's neck and neck in a matter of seconds just ended executions anyway.

Alleged human rights violations
Execution of the death penalty against Yehya is the ninth execution has taken place in Yemen this year. According to Amnesty International, Yemen is one of the 59 countries that still fully supports the death penalty.
Amnesty International notes, Yemen has executed the death penalty against 13 people last year. However, since no official data issued by the Yemeni government, the number of those affected by the death penalty could be greater than the available data.
Executions in Yemen imposed death sentence against the criminal acts of violent and nonviolent including adultery and apostasy. The death penalty in the past in that country run by a group of shooters, but several reports that circulated last year said the executions carried out by stoning or beheading prisoners.
Exercise of religion in strict punishment in the country's wilderness to carve its own concerns in the human rights record. Until now, still not known whether Yehya has undergone a fair trial against him.
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