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Be Healthy Sleep This Is A Good Position

The position of sleep a person usually does not change and become his trademark. The most relaxing sleep is facing to the right or left. From this two-way direction of sleep where the best?

As quoted from the NYTimes, on Tuesday (10/26/2010) in general, doctors will advise people sleep on so the gravitational force can be maintained to keep the stomach contents.

Many believe the right facing side sleeping better than facing the left, because it can protect the heart of the downtrodden or depressed position of other organs.

However, it was not always so. Sleep facing left can provide benefits to health, especially in people who have stomach acid disorders.

The evidence suggests that sleep position facing to the left is very important for people who have stomach acid disorders, such as the emergence of a sense of burning heat in the stomach (heartburn), because the wrong position can make stomach acid into the esophagus and lead to insomnia.

In contrast several studies have found that sleep is facing to the right will worsen the condition mentioned above, whereas if facing left can help calm.

For people with stomach disorders, sleep facing right makes esophageal sphincter (the channel between the stomach and esophagus), weakens that make stomach acid up into the esophagus so that makes burning in the stomach.

In contrast to people with stomach disorders, sleep on his left face will make the connection between the stomach, and the esophagus does not open despite high levels of stomach acid. The results of this study were reported in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology.

In another study who appeared in The American Journal of Gastroenterology suggests that sleep on his side to the right for people with stomach will increase stomach acid, and the esophagus require a longer time to eliminate them.

So if you suffer from stomach acid or insomnia, someone suggested sleep on their faces left to sleep more soundly.
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