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Human Body Language Secrets
Your body language will send a signal to the other person's subconscious mind.  Through body language, the curtain will be parted feeling the other person.

Language Head

- Lean toward you: interested, agree.
- Moving away suddenly: suspicious, do not believe.
- Prop your chin: bored.
- Nodding: agree.
- Many turn: do not wait to finish talking.

Foreign Language
- 60 percent looked directly: interested.
- 80 percent of the direct gaze: sexual attraction.
- 100 percent of the direct gaze: the resistance.
- Avoidance of gaze: nyem ¬ ¬ ring me something.
- Dilated eye lens: very interested.
- His gaze fell down and glanced to the left / right: interested in you.
- Lyric left / right directly: bored.
- Blinks fast: do not agree.

Hand Language
- The palm is open to the top: open honest.
- The palm of the pocket or closed: hide something.
- Clenched: tense, uncomfortable, angry.
- Closing the mouth / nose: an indication of lying.
- Form a cone: confident or confident.
- Hands on the table: ready to agree.
- Finger tapping: bored or want to talk.

Other movements
- Chest or hip Necessary: sexual attraction.
- The foot tapping the floor: I want to talk or bored.

Tone or Speed Talk
- Slow and final tone down: confident and controlled.
- Emphasis said: authoritative.
- Tone and rising speed: emotion, tension, or hiding something.

Language Rejection
- Legs or arms crossed.
- Glancing to the left / right, head turned to the left or right.
- Minimal direct gaze.
- Tapping a finger or toe.  Direction not to your feet.
- Closed posture.

Language Disclosure
- Many with a direct gaze of the lens increases.
- Hands cupped shape of the tower.
- Directions to your feet.
- Open posture.

Language Ready
- Eye contact more than 60 percent and lots of smiles off.
- The body or the head leaning to you.
- Many nod and facing directly into your face.
- Hands open on the table.

Suspicious Language
- Closed posture
- Hand in my pocket or crossed position.
- The look of the corner of the eyes (glances) repeatedly.
- Directions menyerong foot.

Language Not Honest

- Many looked to the side, especially on the word or sentence was a lie.
- Hands are often shut your mouth or nose, or touching the nose or ears.
- Uncomfortable posture
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