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Siamese Twins 5 Best Magic Man in the World

World's most unique Siamese twins, is cipataan god who think humans can live with the awkwardness like a normal human, but god almighty follows some of the world's most unique conjoined twins.

1.  Abigail and Brittany Hensel
Abigail and Brittany Hensel was born in Minnesota, March 7, 1990.  They have one body, but they have 2 heads.  Head left (Brittany) to operate parts of the body (hands, feet and neck) on the left side, while the right head (Abigail) mengoperasian right body part.  Brittany felt right body part, and Abigail felt the body parts left.

Although each only manage one side of the body only, but they can live as normal a normal human.  That's because they are very compact in working together to use their body parts.  Just imagine gan, they can walk, run, ride a bicycle, typing computer keyboard, even driving!  They both already have a license, whether written or the driving test.

They test twice, once for Abigail and another one for Brittany.  They did everything perfectly as normal a normal human at normal speed.  They school in regular schools and had graduated from Lutheran High School Missouri which is a normal high school.  At the age of 12 years, they underwent surgery at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare to correct their scoliosis and expand their chest cavity to mencengah breathing difficulties in the future.  Their clothes were sewn specifically so that they have two separate neck pieces.

Although they were one body, but their personalities are different, more intelligent in mathematics Abigail and Brittany smarter in writing.  They both graduated from high school in 2008 and they are already studying at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States.  One day they want to get married and have kids.  If one day they have a child, the child is a child both of them, because they only have 1 set of reproductive organs.

2.  Manar Maged AND ISLAM
Manar Maged was born and Islam with a rare condition of conjoined twins called craniopagus parasiticus.  Unlike Abigail and Brittany Hensel, and Islamic Manar Maged stick on the left side of the skull.  Their heads were united, but their bodies apart.  Manar perfect body, while Islam has the brains and soul of Islam but only has a body that does not exist sedada contents at all.  Islam has no organ at all and do not have the hands and feet as well.  So, it depends entirely on Manar Islam to survive.

Although Islaam does not have the lungs (not breathe) and have no heart, the head of Islam still showing signs of independent consciousness.  Her eyes flashing, she tried to breastfeed and even smiling and crying.  But Islam to be a burden to heart Manar, Manar heart will not be strong enough to live two lives.  And Manar so can not crawl and sit up straight because of Islaam.  Doctors feel that the only hope for Manar is the separation of the separation from her twin.  This operation is carried out for 13 hours in the town of Benha.  After the surgery, so obviously it Islaam dead and buried, but Manar operation succeeded!  Unfortunately, 13 months after surgery, Manar severe brain infection and died.

Lakshimi, Indian baby born with four arms and four legs.  But actually Lakshimi not have 4 arms and 4 legs, in fact Lakshimi only have 2 hands and 2 legs, 2 hands and 2 feet are the property siamnya twin sister who was born without a head.

Conjoined twins in this Lakshimi kidney, spine, and pelvis.  Lakshimi has operated for 27 hours to separate them with his twin brother, the operation was successful, and with through therapy to walk, he will live a normal life like other children.

4.  Masha and Dasha KRIVOSHLYAPOVA
Masha and Dasha were born in the Soviet Union with two heads, four arms and three legs, the type of conjoined twins known as ischiopagus tripus.  They have two legs which branched two bodies.  The doctor took them away from their mothers at birth, and then told him that they had died of pneumonia.  The twins are also told that their mother died while giving birth to them.  It aims to hide the fraud Marsha and Dasha as guinea pigs for medical experiments in the laboratory of Dr. Anochin.  During the 6-year experiment, they were not taught to walk, to feed themselves, and are not trained to use the toilet.  They spent their days naked in laboratory research and screaming because it continues to hurt as experimental material.  Marsha and Dasha and her mother finally met again after a 35-year-old twins.

5.  Jodie and Mary
Jodie and Mary were born in Manchester's St Mary's Hispital on August 8.  The case of Jodie and Mary is similar to the conditions Lakshimi, but its twin Lakshimi do not have a head, while the twin Jodie (Mary) has a head and soul.  At birth, Jodie showed signs of a healthy life.  He is breathing normally and have a healthy heart, hands and feet can also be driven.  But the heart and lungs are underdeveloped Mary and she is really dependent on Jodie to get oxygen and blood circulation.

In other words, Mary relies on Jodie and Mary could not live without Jodie.  Jodie shows a clear mental awareness as children newborn others, but her mental state is not clear.  The medical team decided to kill Jodie and kill Mary.  Doctors say Jodie Mary had taken power.  Separation surgery took place on 7 November 2000, as it has in predicted, Mary died.  Jodie survived, but Jodie still require surgery to reconstruct the lower abdomen, rectum, and sexual organs.  The longer the condition of Jodie's getting better, as it has been estimated by the surgical team.
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