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10 Benefits ML (making love)

ML or make love turns brings many benefits. What are they? Here are 10 benefits of ML. Based on the results penilitan scientists and a variety of sources, many benefits are obtained after performing the ML or sex. Among them, 10 the following benefits.

10 Manfaat ML (making love)
10 Benefits ML (making love)

1. ML is a beauty treatment. According to the research on women who do the ML then they produce the amount of the hormone estrogen. In effect, women's hair so shiny and the skin becomes smoother.

2. ML-style slowly but surely with full kelembut and relaxing can reduce your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and disability. Sweat is pouring when ML is believed to be able to cleanse the pores and makes your skin clean glow.

3 ML to burn calories which accumulate in the body. In effect, the body tends to lean.

4. ML is one of the safest sports you can practice anytime and anywhere. Certainly. ML activities can stretch and make almost every muscle in the body remain untreated. It's more fun and rewarding than a swimming pool 20 round standard size. Thrifty, you do not have to wear clothes or equipment and sports equipment.

5. ML no other medication for depression instant. He releases endorphins into the bloodstream, so as to produce a sense of euphoria and leaving you in a feeling of comfort.

6. ML makes the body release a chemical called pheromone. Substance is smooth and flavorful produce the opposite effect of more aggressive species.

7. ML was also confirmed as the most safest tranquilizer in the world. The results, 10 times more effective than valium.

8. ML by kissing every day, then you will be spared to see the dentist. Kissing encourages saliva to wash food from the teeth and lowers acid levels that cause decay. It also prevents plaque formation on teeth.

9. ML can actually eliminate deraansakit head. That's because when the ML, the tension that restrict blood vessels in the brain could be separated.

10. ML with a frequency often can launch a stuffy nose. Understandably, the ML is a natural antihistamine that can help combat asthma and fever
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