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Latest Position Variations "ML" Sex Full of Passion Favorites

Variations Latest Position "ML" Sex Favorite Full Passion.  For men the position when the ML is sometimes determining satisfaction.  As for women, one position less fit sometimes cause women do not orgasm.
If done in a style that's all, activity of ML is going to be boring. Try to be more creative and began to understand the position which is ideal for couples. With a variety of styles are always changing, the activities of romance that you are doing any work flawlessly with the sensation exciting.

There were some positions or forces sex that lead to passion and can be had a contagious love. The explanation below is meant by the word "you" is "Women" (you = Women).

1. Using Pillows

Allow yourself to your (woman) lying supine in bed, bend your knees and let your feet trample mattress. Put a couple pillows under your buttocks (woman). Position causes the clitoris is stimulated. Your partner was usually easy to insert penis into Mrs. V. This position is usually caused friction and stimulation are very sensational.

2. Half Squat

Let your partner in a sitting position, and you're on it. Adjust the position like a half squat. Fold your knees back and set the pattern of movement according to your will and your partner. Set rhythms that are not easily tired and your partner can enjoy the sensation of swaying you do.

3.Posisi Standing

This position is rather easy bother. If you want to ML with a standing position, try to stand first in front of the glass and enjoy scenery you're having sex with a partner.

Give rhythm routine. Lower knee spouse until her body forms an angle of 90 degrees, try to position the foot as possible. Slowly, play your hips when you do move back and forth.

With the help of glass, usually you also see the reaction to a sense of your partner on every movement made. The points of stimulation can be found quickly.

4. Variations Back style

You often have sexual relations with the position of the rear? This is when you innovate. Lift your body back, and let your legs are in between the leg pairs. This position allows the couple to penetrate more freely. Adjust the position as comfortable as possible, so as not to tire easily and fast orgasm.

5. 69 1

Positions for the activity of oral sex. Add a little technical variation. If you usually one partner will be above and one below, now do not have a headache determine who is at the top. Perform this position facing each other and parallel to the bed. With this pair will be easier to maneuver. Do not forget to maximize the finger while doing this movement.

Try all these positions with your partner, of course you should communicate them first.
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