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10 Countries with football supporters in the world

Many say that the supporters are the 12th player in a football team.  It is indeed not without reason, because the supporters are elements that always give injections spirit and motivation for the players who are competing.  Therefore, it would not be surprised if a team wins more often achieved at home.

The football supporter was so totally in support of their favorite team, not even hardly one to be willing to sacrifice lives just to support the team kesayanganya.  Almost all supporters around the world is sure to have a sense of loyal and fanatical, but do you know which supporters of state who received the title as the most fanatical football supporters?

Here is a list of 10 most fanatical football supporters in the world of sports marketing firm British version Futures Initiative Sports Entertainment ...

10.  Mexico

One of the strengths of this American continent football is known to have a lot of fanatical supporters.  And one of them is unique, they always reveal the identity of his Mexico in support of their favorite team.  The average density of the stadium reached 90%.  Fanatical supporter base is Chivas Guadalajara.

9.  Italy

In Italy, the fanaticism of supporters is very high.  Supporter Italy is known as a hard supporters, even almost every club has a hard-line supporters (Ultras), which is usually always totally in support of the team.  The average density of the stadium had reached 93%.  Fanatical supporter base is Roma, Juventus and Milan and Inter Milan.

8.  United States

In 1991, the United States is at position 23, and in 1996 rose to the position 8.  Even in the United States this year is predicted to reach a position to jump-5 English and French.  Gradually the World Cup could make the people the United States soccer fever, because if wide screens usually contain a baseball game, now the play is football.  Similarly in other cities.  The Americans said the country seemed to be in another world during the World Cup.

7.  Argentina

Loyalty supporters mendkung Argentina in their idol's team no doubt.  The supporters had regarded the victory of the team as a fixed price.  So no wonder if they are always totally in support of their team to victory.  Just like Indonesia, in Argentina as well as many a fight broke out between supporters who cause fatalities.  . The average density of the stadium could reach 97%.  Fanatical supporter base is River Plate and Boca Juniors.

6.  French

France is world champion at the same time host the world cup matches in 1998.  No wonder if the French had many supporters in the country.

5.  England

Previous position in the position of champion England, but England supporters suffered stagnant lately, so its position down to position 5, not because of football fanaticism in Britain declined, but because there are other countries that have significant peningktana fanaticism.  It can not be denied again, Britain is the country with the most fanatical fans in the world.  The Supporter incessantly singing the national anthem of their team throughout the 90 minutes to support their team.  . Even at the country level, also known as Hooligan UK's most fanatical supporters.  The average density of the stadium could reach 99%.  And fanatical supporter base in the UK is Liverpool and Manchester United.

4.  China

Who is not familiar with China, most populous countries in Asia.  Chinese football is taken into account in Asia, especially by the fanatical supporters.

3.  Indonesia

In Indonesia the previous position was in 3rd position, and this year, Indonesia remain in that position.  Indonesia is one of the most widely claimed brawl between supporters of league football.  Sense of excessive fanaticism is sometimes actually have a negative impact.  Even Franz Beckenbauer were to surprised after seeing the video brawl Indonesian supporters.  He said that Indonesia is one country that has terloyal supporters.  . And it is evidenced by the high average density of stadiums in Indonesia that could reach 96%.  Indonesia is a fanatical supporter base Persebaya, Persib, PSIS, Persipura, and PSIM.

2.  Germany

Germany previously held only the 10th position, but this year, Germany could occupy the 2nd position after Brazil.  One of the country with an advanced soccer has many supporters are very fanatical.  Many supporters are willing to adventure around the German nation only to follow a seasonal tour of their idol team.  Their loyalty level is very high, even the average percentage density of the stadium could reach 85%.  Germany fanatical supporter base is Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin.

1.  Brazil

Previously Brazil ranks 4th, but in Brazil this year crept up and occupy the winner as the country with the largest audience in the world.  State known as the supplier of the greatest soccer player in this world is one country that has a fanatical football supporter.  Already countless lives lost because of brawl between supporters of the Brazilian league.  Brazil was known to be loyal supporters on the team.  average density Stadium could even reach 93%.  Fanatical supporter base is Sao Paolo FC.
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