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History Bridge Ampera

This motion bridge construction began in April 1962, after obtaining approval from President Sukarno.  The cost of construction is taken from the fund japan booty in other words all of the responsibility by the Japanese government of the contractors and workers.

At first, the bridge along the 1177 meters with a width of 22 meters, the bridge named Bung Karno.  According to historian Djohan Hanafiah, naming it as a form of appreciation to the president that the first ri.  Bung Sukarno seriously fight palembang citizens desire, to have a bridge over the river musi.

At the center of the bridge is removed, the vessel with a width of 60 meters and 44.50 meters with a maximum height, can pass across the river musi.  When the center of the bridge is not raised, the maximum height the ship could pass under the bridge only nine meters from the surface of the river water.
Since 1970, bridge no longer go up.  The reason, the time used for this lift bridge, which is about 30 minutes, is considered disturbing the traffic flow between the opposite flank and across ilir, two urban areas are separated by a river palembang musi.

Bridge was renovated in 1981, with spent approximately 850 million rp.  Renovations will be done after there are fears the threat of bridge damage could make it collapse.

Along with the euphoria of the 1997 reform, some parts of this bridge is known thieves stripped down.  Theft is done by climbing the tower bridge, and cut some bridge parts that are not functioning.  The color of the bridge had already experienced 3 times a change of the initial standing gray continue in 1992 replaced the last yellow and red in 2002 to until now.
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