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10 Magazine World's Most Popular Adult

1. Playboy
majalah dewasa populer
Was first published in 1953. Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1953, by Hugh Hefner and his colleagues, and funded in part by borrowing $ 1,000 from the mother Hefner. His own company became Playboy Enterprise Inc., where Playboy magazine did not stop on alone, but spread to various forms of media such as publishing, licensing commercial use of the name Playboy, Playboy TV, and entertainment. In addition to photo-photo sensual, Playboy also ran an article of fashion, sports, commercial goods, and interviews with prominent figures such as: Bob Dylan, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Mohammad Ali. Playboy has also been doing a phenomenal interview with Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Moammar Khadafi and Malcolm X. In addition, many seasoned fiction writers such as Margaret Atwood, Tom Clancy, Roald Dahl, and Arthur C. Clark contributed their short stories in Playboy who later became famous writing.

First edition, published in December 1953 in America, do not have a date because Hefner was not sure I can publish a second edition. Hefner did not have enough money to pay models to pose in Playboy, so she pays copyright photo-photo beautiful woman from the calendar to appear in his magazine. Photo calendar artist Marilyn Monroe on the cover of the first edition of the magazine and quickly became a sensation. The magazine sold out within weeks. First circulation reached 53.991 copies with unit price of 50 cents (in U.S. dollars). Inaugural issue of Playboy in the Indonesian language was published on 7 April 2006.

2. Men's Health
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Published by Rodale Inc. in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, United States, is the largest men's magazine in the world, with 38 editions worldwide, a monthly circulation of 1.85 million, and 12 million monthly readers. This is the best-selling men's magazine on U.S. newsstands. It covers fitness, nutrition, sexuality, lifestyle and other aspects of human life and health. Website Magazine,, averaging 40 million page views a month.

3. FHM
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The magazine began publication in 1985 in the United Kingdom under the name For Him and changed the title to FHM into For Him Magazine in 1994 when Emap Consumer Media to buy the magazine. Founded by Chris Astridge, this magazine is dominated by fashion-based publication distributed through men's fashion outlets. FHM published in Indonesia since 2003. The magazine is published in Indonesia by PT. Media Fajar Harapan Mandiri.

4. Maxim
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Maxim is an international men's magazine based in the United Kingdom and is known to express Pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and female models, none of them are naked in the American version.

5. GQ
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GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) is a men's magazine monthly that focuses on fashion, style, and culture for men, through articles about food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and the book Gentlemen's Quarterly was launched in 1931 in the United States.

6. Men's Uno
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Men's fashion magazine in the country with the most populous in the world. Only natural for sales in their own country in China is with a fantastic figure.

7. Esquire
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Esquire is a men's magazine, published in the U.S. by the Hearst Corporation. Founded in 1932. Esquire appeared for the first time in October 1933. Founded and edited by David A. Smart and Arnold Gingrich. In the 1940s, the popularity of Petty Girls and Vargas Girls provided a boost circulation. Published in Indonesia since 2007 by PT Media International Esquirindo.

8. Penthouse
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Penthouse, the men's magazine founded by Bob Guccione, combines urban lifestyle articles and soft-corepornographic Pictorials. In the 1990s, evolved into hardcore. Penthouse is owned by FriendFinder Network, formerly known as General Media.Inc which is the parent company of Penthouse International Inc.. Although Guccione is American, this magazine was founded in 1965 in the United Kingdom, but in 1969 went on sale in the United States. At the height of his success, Guccione was considered one of the richest men in the United States. He once listed in Forbes ranking of 400 richest people. In April 2002, the New York Times article reported Guccione said Penthouse earned 3.5 billion U.S. dollars of $ 4 billion during the 30-year company, with net income of nearly half a billion dollars.

9. Details
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Details is a monthly men's magazine published by the U.S. Conde Nast Publications, was founded in 1982. Although primarily intended for fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as on issues of social and political relevance. Alan Patricof buy the company in 1987, then purchased by Conde Nast for $ 2 million.

10. Dazed
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Dazed & Confused is a British fashion magazine, founded in 1992 and published monthly. Editor founders were Jefferson Hack and Rankin. Topics covered include music, fashion, film, art and literature. This magazine is named for the song made famous by the rock band Led Zeppelin. Starting as a black and white poster published sporadically the magazine soon turned to full-color, promoted by the London nightclub.
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