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Chinese Penis Restaurant branches in the U.S. Open
Restaurant called 'Guolizhuang Restaurant', Chinese restaurant located in Beijing, China is indeed very special. The specialty of this restaurant is the menu presents a variety of penis and testes of animals to health.

In Beijing alone there are 4 branches and overseas branch opened each one in Atlanta and Georgia, in Chinatown (Chinatown).

List menu that presents a variety of dishes penis and testicles of animals. In the list contained more than 30 kinds of penises of various animals. And special for special guests, also provided another penis menu. Cuisine bull penis which is believed to enhance 'masculinity', presented in the form of star-shaped incision to withdraw. Another penis penyuguhan satay lamb (sheep) are flavored mayonnaise and sweet cheese, served over salad leaves.

The penis is also frequently dipped into the soy sauce into a sauce or hot. For women, eating penises is believed good for the skin.

Donkey penis served on a salad leaf. For Chinese guests, eating the purpose animal sex organs is to restore libido.

In this Guolizhuang restaurant, customers can also order a deer fetus and fetal sheep.
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