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10 World Celebrities in verbal during 2010

Christmas is almost here and identical to Santa handing out gifts to those who do good.  But do not expect the delinquent will receive a gift.  Likewise, celebrities behaving badly assessed during 2010.  Here's a list of the known world celebrities like acting up during this year, as published in the Hollyscoop.

George Lopez
George Lopez is known as a celebrity who is very pleasant.  However, the nickname was changed when the terrible secret about himself uncovered.  National Enquirer magazine managed to uncover, Lopez had an affair with a prostitute for 17 tahun.Meski relationship with his wife looks cool, calm, Lopez announced he was divorcing his wife last September.

Paris Hilton
Princess sophisticated that crazy partying was not lucky when calamities befall him right in the world cup event last June.  South African police hold him after finding marijuana in one of those who joined the ride in his car.  However, Hilton soon released.  Two weeks later, the dog smelled drugs back in Paris at the airport in Corsica body.  He was arrested and interrogated, but released again.  Last August she again was caught with his girlfriend, Cy for cocaine possession in her bag in Las Vegas.

Demi Lovato
Demi is known as a good girl until she hit the background dancer, Alex Welch in a plane at Columbia.  Presumably, these events associated with emotional disturbances experienced.  There are rumors, Demi even cut his own pulse.  An ordinary girl is dating a former girlfriend, Joe Jonas had to get Demi mistreatment.  Reportedly, Demi were undergoing rehabilitation.

Alexis Neiers
This pretty girl is like a symbol of a mess.  Behind his fame, he joined a group of teenage thieves and looted homes of Hollywood celebrities including Orlando Bloom.  In the trial he was charged with first-degree theft and sentenced to 180 days in jail.  In the cell, next door to Lindsay Lohan Neiers before being released.  After a month, he again caught using heoin at his home.  Now he is undergoing rehabilitation for a year.

Miley Cyrus
Cyrus is a portrait of a teenager who is very messy.  Starting from the clothes he used Nudity on stage until the beer drunk in Madrid.  not how long, naked photographs appeared in the latest maya.Yang world, outstanding video 18 year girl who does not clear its origin being used drugs.

Jesse James
Sandra Bullock's ex-husband, Jesse James was caught cheating the first time in March, a few days after Sandra won an Oscar for her role in 'The Blind Side'.  Jesse proven with a stripper, Michelle 'Bomseks' McGee.  It did not take long, Sandra divorced in April and became the mother of Louis.  Jesse is kicked out of his home in Orange County, now lives in Austin, Texas, and still going out with Kat Von D.

Tony Parker
Tony caught off guard by his wife Eva Longoria with hundreds of SMS tenderly from Eric Barry, wife of former teammate on the Spurs, Brent Barry.  This is not the first time Tony had an affair from his wife.  Five months after marrying Tony admitted having an affair with a French model, Alexandra Paressant, Eva forgive him yet.  Eva now filed for divorce in Los Angeles, even though Tony wanted to preserve their marriage.

Charlie Sheen
The bad behavior started about a year ago when when he threatened his wife, Brooke Mueller with a knife right on Christmas Day.  He volunteered to undergo rehabilitation in February, but still loyal Sheen reportedly used drugs.  October, Charlie got caught with a prostitute, Capri Anderson.  He still refuses to acknowledge the bad deeds and to divorce his wife menagjukan

Lindsay Lohan
In May, Lindsay does not appear in court because he was partying in Cannes.  Thus, the judge issued an arrest warrant syrat and finally free on bail.  Lohan eventually wear a special bracelet, tests of drug use and rehabilitation of alcohol dependence.  In Kuli, Lohan was sentenced for 90 days, and dilanjutkan90 day rehabilitation.  August 24 Lindsay out of jail and is scheduled to undergo a drug test but failed and declared free.

LeAnn Rimes
The first ranking since proudly displaying a photo with Eddie Cibrian seronoknya.  Later, acting LeAan regret it.  Last year, LeAnn and her ex-husband Dean Sheremet decided to divorce.  Shortly thereafter, LeAnn moved with Eddie and indecent poses showing them in front of photographers.
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