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6 Things Not Allowed to Forget When Busy

Work is piling up, schedule meetings too dense, making the next 24 hours feels less. Unfortunately, time can not be added. Stay smart-smart we utilize the time available.

Slipped a number of physical activity and healthy activities in a row of work routine will boost your health. Try some of this tip.

1. Permanent Breakfast
Breakfast is a must! Ya should. Calories derived from breakfast to lunch your energy for the move from morning until noon. Breakfast was the best course covers a number of essential nutrients the body needs.

"There is a carbohydrate that can be obtained from bread wheat, oats, or whole grains, as well as protein, vitamins, and minerals," says nutritionist, Geraldine Georgeou.

The combination will supply the energy and optimize satiety. Do not forget the fruit, like strawberries, apples, pears, or the other. If your time is limited, try a complete food, such as oat milk that has added a variety of fruit.

2. Always Sport
No matter how busy you are, a time to yourself to exercise. Find time do you like best. In the morning before work, during the day when it breaks, or evening. However, a study showed that the performance of the best body in between the hours of 16:00 to 19:00.

"The central body temperature is highest at this time increases blood flow to the muscles and reduce internal friction, which determines how much effort is required to move," says personal trainer, Jay Bonaretti.

The result, in the study at Liverpool John Moores University, UK, respondents noted, they are more easily work out in the afternoon and evening. This condition makes you tend to work out with a bang.

3. Always Moving
Late for a meeting with a client? Try to leave early. And left early, of course, begins with waking up early. Leaving work early is also a great opportunity to look for parking your vehicle further, not closer.

That is, of course that you have the opportunity to go further. Calculated exercise. If you are not driving, stop for 2-3 stops before the office. That way, you can still move more.

When she arrived at the office, use stairs. In addition to a healthier and helps tighten the leg muscles, you need not stay long queue waiting elevator. At lunch, try out the office and a walk to buy food. Invite a friend come along, so you also encourage friends to move. Do not be afraid of the sun, bring an umbrella though not too hot.

4. Take advantage of Existing Equipment
Use a number of tools to keep you active. If you have a jumping rope, use a break on the sidelines of the office or at home. Just do a few laps while watching television.

5. Do Stretches
If you do not have time to insert the time of exercise in between work,
Just try to stretch or exercise that takes only about 15 minutes.

6. Stay Set Diet
Besides breakfast, do not also miss the main meal schedule. Make sure that in a day, your main meal three times to twice the snacks. Note also the calories from each food diasup.

Expand the fruit and vegetables. For snacks, look who has a balanced composition. Oats with fruit mixture can be used as a snack in the afternoon when the stomach is rumbling. In addition to delicious, these alloys are also healthy.
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