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World's Longest Bridge Connect 3 City Together

World's longest bridge was completed in China after four years of progress.  Along the 42.5 kilometer bridge that connects the intersection of three cities in China.  The bridge linking the city of Qingdao in east Shandong Province with Huangdao District.  The length of the bridge to reach 42.5 kilometers, or about eight times longer than the longest bridge in East Java, Indonesia, which has a length of 5.4 kilometers.

Jembatan terpanjang di dunia

Jembatan terpanjang di dunia

Named Qingdao Haiwan Bridge was built two different teams working on since 2006.  Construction finished on Monday (27/12).  The bridge connecting the three coastal city in Shandong Province.  One technician said, "Examples of the computer and calculations are all very good.  But you can not relax until the two sides together.  Estrangement few inches could trigger a disaster. "

Jembatan terpanjang ini dibangun salah satu tujuannya ternyata hanya untuk menyingkat jarak tempuh 20 menit dari 2 kota yang berhubungan

The bridge was built one of the longest goal was simply to abbreviate the 20-minute distance of 2 city-related.
Qingdao Haiwan aside Bridge Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge in Louisiana, USA.  Lake Pontchartrain Causeway has a length of 38.42 kilometers.
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