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Here are 10 New Species Top 2010
So many species are found in the world during the year 2010.  Not unexpectedly, in 10 species list of the top Times Magazine, most new species from Papua New Guinea, close neighbor Indonesia.  Here goes the list:

1.  Frogs beaked
The frog was discovered by a team of Conservation International in Colombia's jungle region.  Only 2 cm in size, these frogs easily escape from predator attacks.  This species is one type of frog that developed through a period of metamorphosis as tadpoles.

2.  Darwin Spiders
The spider was found by scientists in the territory of Madagascar.  Silk produced by spiders are known to be the strongest so that they can produce a good networking.  One of the network of spider was discovered stretched as wide as 25 meters away in a river in Madagascar.

3.  Plateau Tree Ants
This animal was one of 200 species found in Papua New Guinea.  Ant habitat of this tree is a region located at 2.9 kilometers above sea level.  To adapt, the ants have a slow metabolism and jaw are always open 180 degrees for easy access to food.

4.  Katydid Mossula
Other species from Papua New Guinea who entered the most top 10 species are katydid Mossula.  This species has a body that is green and pink eye.  Large hind legs and pointed like thorns.  When the opponent to attack, his hind legs are used to hit back and stab prey.

5.  Peanut sized tree frog
Tiny frog the size of peanuts is only discovered by scientists from Malaysia and Germany in the Borneo jungle.  Scientists say, this frog is the smallest frog species has ever encountered.  However, the resulting sound is not less hard with other frogs.

6.  Glass Frogs Ecuador
Why is it called Frog Glasses?  Scientists say it is because his skin is transparent.  This frog's heartbeat can be seen clearly.  Scientist suggests, this species is one of 150 kinds of glass frogs found in Central and South America.

7.  Giant Rat Thick Furry
Rats are found in Papua New Guinea.  Other cities with rats that fear of humans, these mice temperament could even look ordinary.  Scientists said the size of this mouse nearly as big as cats.

8.  The tube-nosed fruit bat eaters
These bats usually called Yoda.  Called the tube-nosed bat because the shape of her nose was like a tube.  This bat feces are seeds of fruit are eaten, therefore these bats are very useful for the environment to spread the seeds.

9.  Toothed Blue Tarantula
Tarantulas are found in the area of Guyana, France.  Has a length of 1 to 3 inches, tarantula species has blue tooth.

10.  Ancient Penguin
Not all species found still visible existence, one of whom is this ancient penguins.  Unlike penguins now have beautiful feathers, penguins Ancient has a standard coat color.  However, tall penguin is almost two times the height of the present Emperor Penguin.
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