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These are 21 facts on Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner And The daughter
It turned out that the life of Playboy girls 'upbringing' Hugh Hefner, not as good as people imagine.  Public too many who want to know what happened and how the situation in one of the 'paradise' of this.

Public curiosity, answered by some Playboy girls that review out what really happened at the palace this Hefner, who unfortunately, some expressions of disappointment on their pitched well Hefner Playboy Mansion.  Anything?

1.    Many of the former Playboy girl, or the Playboy Bunny, who was living in a filthy prison, rather than live in the palace glitters.
2.    Often times, the girls are jealous of each other and are not comfortable with the status of No.1 Girlfriend selected by Hefner.  The reason, the girl would be lucky every day to sleep in the room Hefner, while others simply referred to as 'visitors'.
3.    In 'once-play', Hefner could take 3-15 girls at once.
4.    The girls are often disturbed by the furniture in the palace Playboy deemed unsuitable.  It seems that there is someone to buy furniture separately, instead of carefully designed and appropriate.
5.    Although the girls had tried as hard as possible to make their rooms comfortable, but they were disappointed with existing bedding.  They call it the old, damaged, and stained '.  Some even call it a sheet former.
6.    The girls have to try hard to 'replace' the money they spend to buy furniture and bedding, by showing a receipt to Hefner.
7.    Hefner forcing the girls to paint her room to make it look girlie, namely with pink paint and white carpet.  Unfortunately, with the color of 'young' like this, carpet and walls so easily tarnished by pet dogs and food brought into the room.
8.    The girls are also often 'disgusted' with state rooms Hefner.  Because of garanya is a pet dog Holly Madison, former No.1 girl Hef, who left dog feces everywhere.
9.    Playboy Mansion is often smelly, with his pet dog who frequent pooping and 'pee' in the curtains in the house this big.
10.    Many Playboy girl who was forced to perform plastic surgery, only to meet the tastes Hefner.  Some of them make the "body of the operating result 'of this as a birthday present for Hefner.
11.    Each morning, Hefner will give the girl an allowance amounting to one thousand dollars.
12.    Hefner reportedly often angry about some things, namely the disharmony of the girls, also ketidakikutsertaan them in the 'party' that was held in his room.
13.    If the girl can not follow the 'parade' held Hefner at nightclubs, then they will not get a ration allowance.
14.    There is a curfew in the Playboy Mansion!  Perhaps the public would not believe the court Playboy image of the 'wild', but it is true that the girls had already been in court at 9 pm exactly, except for being out with Hefner.
15.    The staff at the Playboy Mansion is often called the girls 'more discipline from their parents'.
16.    The girls just free to go on Wednesday and Friday, after a sex party that is held twice a week at room Hefner.
17.    The girls traveled with Hefner using a limousine with a leopard skin berinterior Bunny logo is stitched on seats.  They will drink champagne and drank Dom Perignon Quaaludes, a stimulant drug for the girls are always 'in the mood' for sex.
18.    Every midnight, Hefner will downing Viagra and check the clock so that he can 'act' on time.
19.    Hefner had a 'ritual' especially before holding an orgy.  The girls have to shower together and photographed by Hefner himself, and entered into the room as she was asked to wear pajamas.  If subordinates are still bears pajamas, it means the girl is not willing to have sex with Hefner.  But this also raises scorn from other girls who consider it 'disappointing' Hefner.
20.    Hefner did not use condoms when having sex!

Here are some facts to be 'swallowed' the girls are promised for the sake of career will skyrocket after pictures in Playboy magazine.  Whether that is true, what is the reason, jealous or anything, maybe just Hugh Hefner and his daughter who knows!
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