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Here are 10 tips Kecopetan Not Unique To You

1.  If you are female, please bring your bags well, if necessary kempit in your armpit, because pickpockets on average do not like the smell of the armpit is not good.

2.  If your man make sure your wallet is always in your pocket, because if someone else in your pocket then you are at pickpocket.

3.  Make the pickpocket confused by bringing your money is divided on the whole bag pocket.

4.  Make sure you always do not bring money, and you certainly will never be stolen, because you do not have any money.

5.  If you always take the money make sure your wallet or purse in which zinc plated, because pickpockets will not be able menyilet your wallet or purse.

6.  Tuck your money between your groceries salted fish, because pickpockets do not like the smell of dried fish, except a cat ..

7.  If you take money much better placed in clear plastic bags and worn around the neck, you definitely will not be on pickpockets ... ... ....  Only in just robbed.

8.  If it believes meet pickpockets, take meals together at a restaurant and give an allowance, you will not be mistaken for pickpockets but insane.

9.  If you are forced to have to shop, make sure the entourage and choose a place in the middle, you definitely will not be kecopetan, ... ... ....  But whether your friends who is on the edge.

10.  The most telling recent tips are make sure you never go anywhere, so ... certainly not on pickpockets.
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